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Monday, February 22, 2010

[23/2/2010] 6 Ways How to MOTIVATE your team/staffs?

Hi World! Yes Happy Tuesday!

This week has been a little.. busy yet free feeling.
I guess because this semester despite having 20 credit hours but most of the time my classes from Mon till Wed ends lunch time. Then Thursday full day and night. Finally a 3 weeks project is done =) Project 3 handed in! gonna wait for project 4 then..

Finally for once no need to do Model or Plan drawing, thanks to Mr Rusli for putting this assignment final product as Presentation Boards =)

And yes a very messy room with a very entertaining RoomMate x)

"Sky Garden"
*Thanks to Google for another awesome product Google Sketch.
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On a random note, yes I just bought SME February Issue =D
Always look forward for Insight Articles and this time it's about how to motivate your staffs..
And along this i will add in with what i have felt and observed about Teamwork.

1) Understand Motivation.
Yes i guess that is your first focus. How do you really define Motivation Leads you on various ways to put it into reality.
- Motivation comes down to 2 main drivers- people do what they do either out of LOVE OR out of FEAR.
- Some people work because they are afraid of what happen if they don't.
- Some people they do because they want to see the growth and achievement out of it.
If you are in the team or the boss, the first thing is to get them to love their Job and make your workplace a place where they want to be.

2) Set Goals Together.
I always believe in a team, the unique culture of the team is formed by the merging all individuals personalities. As long we don't find a similarity of culture among personality and the team, then i guess stuffs aren't right.
- Identify Similarity, Match a person's Goal to the Organization's Goal.
- An organization's Goal could be always there but i believe a variety of approach is all right, Google says it all. Read up their book. =) "The Google Story" Team Goal is different from Organization Goal, as if you are doing things for a big organization, but you are doing things WITH your team,
- Recognize the fusion of culture of the whole team and make sure everyone has their part indulged.

3) Make work itself a Motivator
- Give team more scope to vary the methods, sequence or whatever regarding work or task.
- Make sure information is widely available for them (the process of them finding is not motivating)
- Encourage them in planning and evaluating new techniques.
- Increase individual responsibility for achieving defined targets.
- Give themselves flexibility to create and work on their products, (as long it benefits the task)

4) Learn to like people
Face the fact, team is a combination of various weird people, all you need is a chemistry reaction. Without the reaction, you will really need to learn about loving the difference among team members.

- Learn to identify their skills/knowledge after knowing them better.
- TAKE time to talk to them personally. People starts to trust (more than like) after hitting certain topics such as Family, Personaly philosophy etc..
- Thus everytime when they thought about these topic and whom they shared with about, they think about you, they think about how much this job/task brought them benefit.

4) Achievement as a Checkpoint, Rewarding accomplishment
- Celebrate other Achievements together
"Your Personal Achievements taste sweeter when you celebrate others together" John C Maxwell
- Make it a point that little wonderful things to be appreciated, this would encourage a strong optimistic culture in the organization. Eg Stuffs like this member got promoted, or this guy or girl has found their new partner etc.
- You need to make sure your rewards unite rather than divide your team.
- To make sure rewards match individual systems, i think we need to place responsibility firmly with the individual, and give praise when praise is due.
- What you measure and reward is what you will get.

5) Create Atmosphere
This is certainly one of the most essential of all.
Atmosphere is what that influence you to think more and do more.
- When it comes to task/job, most of us would be only thinking of it during working hours. But good organizations would always go beyond working hours to inspire their people to brainstorm more in non working hours. Thus in some ways people call it truly "Full Time job".
- Example would be AIESEC with Gmail, and certainly right now when facebook is available, exposure of such branding is something impossible to be avoided. A very good example would be conference and camps, people are so high with their certain task during that period, just because of the atmosphere.

6) Give them what they want, let them fulfill their Expectations.
This is quite direct. People chase after what they want. You don't need to motivate them now, they will just have an endless motivation for and from themselves. This could be act like as a reward for them. Most people would expect two thing, to love the job and to utilize their skills. So it all relates to the 5 points again then.

All right i am out of ideas... Add on comments if you think you have stuffs to share too =)
Off to Evening Nap! =D