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Thursday, February 11, 2010

[11/2/2010] 7th Week Update*

Hi World!
Yes the Smell is here again..


I mean... cookies and biscuits x)

May you dapat red packets banyak banyak and remember to belanja me too! Will be off back to Sitiawan tomorrow morning =) and then most probably back in KL this coming Tuesday =) Anyone in KL that time free for an outing just ring me up la then.. can't wait to meet up with you awesome people!

Though i've got tonnes of things to do.. but heh! this CNY is all about gatherings and going Mad =)

But again... soon to be..


This one more pathetic la.. shakes head* Happy Singles Day People! =)

Throws my 3 assignments aside* And then need to go PAM Headquarters to meet up =P and then Proposal for some stuffs.. and then gonna send my DSLR to service.. Dental Appointment..Anyways all in all it is just a one week pathetic break with lotz of meeting ups! =)

Don't kena burnt by Mercun ya! Crackers on Fire!

On another Chapter =) I was one of the photographers for USM Kungfu night =)

It's really an awesome experience even though it's just a simple night with such event, I am actually curious with their planning and management and all... i know they have been doing this for the past 33 years and it's their first time of doing outside the campus and the tickets sales hits more than one thousand sits. definitely something i will take notice again next year for such event =) Thanks for the main committee for inviting me once again as an event photographer =)

More pics could be seen here!

And i think my DSLR changed and still gonna change my life. You know i started buying my DSLR as for Architecture Assignment purpose =) but yea i started shooting for personal events.. and now i have chance to shoot for more events... eg (Green lung carnival, MASUM 2010, MPP CNY celebration) and people requesting me to do so, nothing to be proud of* but just shows that i have the branding of an event photographer =) owh well.. i will just say. my DSLR brought me networking, as i have expected actually =)