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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start an Advertising Business!

Just a random post!

I was doing my second Architecture Assignment of this Semester, It's nothing much but to design functional spaces, and my Intention is to design IPCF (Integrated Public Common Facilities). Simply because i notice that our Malaysia Culture is to have bus stands, public toilets, telephone booths, recycling centers, small shops being segregated around and many problems arised, such as low maintainence, excessive wastage of resources as well as the functionality.

So as i was designing each of the module (there are 4 in total) i realize i include one component similar to all, which is advertising space. And then i guess from that point i realize that our
Malaysia Advertising Trend is still at really a surface area. I was simulating myself in the building i design and i realize that there are so much more advertising companies can do, in creative ways. The only one well known advertising Company i know is Asia Media, http://www.asiamedia.net.my/. They have Ads being displayed in TVs in KL Rapid Bus, all though it is not really that efficient yet, from what i see, but it's a good start!

So if you are going to Graduate and thinks that working life is just so boring and not creative, try to be an Entrepreneur to invest into this field then =D Advertising Field! Please, more creative punya! =)