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Monday, January 4, 2010

Kick Start 2010!

Hi World =)

"Life is just like about shooting balls, just whether you get it to the right place with the right momentum and timing." Yes indeed a very random quote pop out from my mind.

1st 5days of 2010 has truly again a hectic one, but yea with a fun phase of it.
Spent weekend after countdown with TeamDay, and then just few things floating in my mind along with the prioritizing.

1. EB Election Stuffs..
(pretty much to digest and observe there) slides, speech blablabla...
Yes i am running for VP COM, some says surprise some says not.

2. USM Open Relay on the 23th Jan (somehow dislike how my admin in USM works, expected more assistance from PRO Public Relation Officer)
I am actually impressed by the publicity so far, thanks to my team, came out in newspaper twice, hits on google increases by folds by weeks, just wondering why not really many entry form is coming in.

3. Addenda Week (ArchiWeek USM is coming up soon, just as a participant though, but yea there is photography competition! happy! ) Gonna really indulge myself into the archi mood this week!

4. Assignments as usual....

5. Waiting for PKA 2010 to Kick Start!

6. PM Department HIV Blog, FB Group Makeover.

Yes thanks LC USM PM for the trip to Butterworth, though i must admit the journey is quite far -.-" Suparna nice meeting you! From India!

Yes time has been hectic till i can't really blog these few days.
Till it feels like DimSum Every Morning. Really random i know =P

Owh yea i am in Structure Class now by the way =) And yea that's what i do everytime, multitask while understanding the lecture, and get the notes only after lecture from senior, friend or lectures..

I shall end this up with the quote i replied in the Election Forum Question,
this my personal quote and the one i rely on the most in life,

"Appreciation of Little Wonders leads to Toleration of Bigger

Forgive for weird grammar because it's personal quote.
All i am trying to say is, appreciate difficulties, find it as something really motivating and a wonderful creation of God.
And there goes the optimistic part of you!