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Saturday, January 30, 2010

(31/1/2010) World's Tallest and Longest

Hi World!

Yes it's finally a weekend without Assignment but other Responsibilities to be played too =) Really felt flying without Assignment-ing! Again Went Tesco to shopping spree, did i tell you that i am a Groceries person rather than fashion or anything else? Yes don't tell me i'm gonna be a house man later =D

At this point i can's stop agreeing that USM main Campus is a totally never ending activities on going every weekend and every point, perhaps just call it Universiti Sangat Macam Macam la sounds better. Pearl was mentioning this to me,she is from Health Campus she's my long waited to be seen virtual friend since like more than half year ago, she is like, waa main campus! Activities everywhere! Yea it is! This weekend there is some mandarin singing competition but yea i guess i am taking my rest off =) phew* Even took my days off from some awesome shots during Thaipusm this weekend that can help my portfolio..

Anyways introducing World's Tallest, to date, and not finalized ( i think).
I have blogged a few post about towers and Dubai you can see the links after this.
Burj Dubai seems to be finalizing it's construction by right now, just that i don't have a confirm figure now, it seems the opening was on 5th January ago.. Please google up the Discovery series of this project! ( I just realize how my Architecture and Construction Interests starts from Discovery Channel =D) And bear in mind that there is a thought a taller building to be built, at a 1km height, however Nakheel tower, which is proposed in 2003, went to a halt in early 2009 and officially closed project last month December 2009. Read here more about it.

Proudly to say that our remains at top 5 still... Petronas Twin Tower =)

On the other hand, it is seemed that Qatar has another mega project to have the title of world's longest bridge, as well as suspension bridge.

The Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Causeway, a 40km long marine causeway featuring 22km bridge and 18km embankments connecting west coast of Qatar to the east coast of Bahrain, is scheduled to begin construction in 2010. It is a 3 Billion project and 4.5 years project =D

I can't wait for the Discovery Document Team Release! It's definitely one of the hardest construction of all because it is cutting through Arabian Gulf which is one of the most highly Charged waters in the world, containing high chlorides, sulphates and moluscs.

To travel finish it by walk is 9 hours, to drive at 60km/h takes 4 hours.
It's the 4.5 height of Mount everest, 49 times the height of Burj Dubai, 536 Boeing 747, 1215 Blue Whales length.
It cuts down the car travel time from two places from four and a half hours to around 30 minutes.

So yea that's the Tallest and Longest by to date i guess =)
I think the fastest train presently is broken by Japan's Some Rail company by a 550km/h plus record.. and then the tallest bridge still taken by Millau Viaduct of France, World's highest Train Station in China,
and i saw in wiki that our Berjaya Time Square ranks the top ten largest building by floor space.. imagine that.. hmmm =D ya right. hahaha

Credits to Googled Image and Menainfra.com for studies.