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Saturday, January 23, 2010

[24/1] Busy Life doesn't mean Colorful Life!

So here goes the 4 months preparation and effort, all to be seen in the result of one night.

Try googling "USM OpenRelay" then you will get what i mean,
I myself am impressed on how our team can manage to hit such google hits with such publicity throughout running clubs across the nation.. This is definitely a night to remember.. Sure gonna blog about what i have learnt about it because to remind about myself... And i am always free for anyone for a meet up or anything all right!

And yea here again i am blogging what i am suppose to do, not to show my personal life but just wanna remind myself =)

1. 2 weeks of preparation for Postmortem for USM Open Relay 2010 which took place just hours ago. As the head of Marketing and Publicity, definitely so many things to think of, infact i am so tempted to continue this position for Open Relay 2011 to make things perfect.

2. Follow up with Companies Press. Public Relation Officer.. Argh I hate this part but i am just really hoping to tie down those companies to support the following years especially MCD and MILO.

3. 4 months of preparation for the previous Open Relay, now since it's Green light from VC and PAAA to run Open Relay 2011, Marketing starts now, 1 year time to go! Makeover of Open Relay blog as well as Information Management!

4. STUDIO ar!! Yesh i know i have been slacking in my real Architecture Life, well a bit.. Tomorrow Sunday shall be a full day of Studio work, then learn sketchup, and start playing the Sims for some good purpose.. hopefully my lecturer loves the Sims as well =)

5. Makeover of AIESEC USM PM blog, i know i have quit AIESEC, but if this is what i promised, then i will do it, meeting up with Peggy later to discuss about it =)

6. TITAS Presentation with my Senior Lesley! shall talk about Green Technology.. hahaha.

7. WUS Sales!! I've gotten the idea but i really need to ask for good quotation for shirt!! anyone has good price around Penang?

8. Update my Studio Blog.. yes you can keep track with my Architecture life at www.geneharnrus103.weebly.com =) I love weebly! I think it's a suitable Blog for short term project purpose!

9.And yes, just to remember to smile always like how i have been =)

p/s It's a great night to have met some Chairperson/Captain of various Running clubs around Msia and as well as having chat with VC and TNC of USM =) Awesome! and FOR NOW FOCUS ON ASSIGNMENT! I'm cool with that!

And yes i have Sunway lagoon and Mcd and Borders Vouchers =P wink wink*