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Friday, January 22, 2010

[23/1] 4th Week Update*

Hi World!

Many things happened for the past 5 days, pretty much like a non academic students just running around doing University Event.. Hmm perhaps i shall just think of failing one year of studies and achieving maximum involvements in those stuffs...

I don't see it as a problem to join any OC for any event in USM, that's why i think i see it as a point to start something new instead in USM, such as what we see in USM this Semester with many new sustainable focus events taking place. Learn and search everything by yourself instead of being taught by your seniors.

I have told many friends of mine, that i have had one semester of filled events and have lost precious personal time which i have intended to do so, just so to know more people. And now i promise myself that in 2nd Semester i will quit everything except PKA, so i could have more personal time as well as investing more interest and skills in Architecture Studies.

1) I have officially quit AIESEC LC USM. Taking down from the post of Communication Executive from Project Management Department, let me be clear that nothing is wrong with AIESEC but simply just because i cannot continue with my time management in this Semester! (will post up another post for this)

2) Turned down Perlis Photography Project.. again even though it might seem to be a very good chance as it seems i can work with HBP lecturers as well as Perlis State Development Team Admin etc.. and also being sponsored to do those travelling to Perlis.. But yea i guess i really need to do more about Architecture..

3) USM Open Relay is in Few More hours! It's so much more than words to be expressed right now! About how everything from 4 months is going to be revealed in one day! And i will be expecting the worst for tomorrow because we are doing this National Relay Competition for the very first time. I really had a nice day to notice that i had the chance to meet various captains or managers from different clubs across the peninsula! blog it blog it!

And yes many more to do tasks list awaits after USM Open Relay... But yea as long you are happy, you just know you have gained something!

All in all, i was thinking again, if there is no activities that suits you the most to bring you to your desire goal, just start one then! =P

Have a Happy Weekend People!

p/s I have vouchers yea vouchers!! I wanna go Sunway Lagoon! KMM gang or AIESEC gang jom pergi!