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Thursday, January 14, 2010

[14/1] 3rd week update*

Hi World!

I think i make it to a point that i will standardize my blog post by the front having the date as well as only putting one post for my self updates for one week. And i guess that will remind me how fast time passes by as i am already in 3rd week! screams* while i am still in holiday mood! this semester 14 weeks pulak!

Anyways just a few of the slides i did for EB election.
More of it can view it here =)

I guess i will really need to update about some general stuffs because i have always make it to a point that my blog shall not be all about me because i belong to the world as well.

Hmmm am quite happy for these few weeks not because i felt time was only spent well and fully utilize, but i felt i was really in the feeling that i am being myself. I'm typically a guy who plans a lot but always go against plans, just to show myself that God has greater plans for me. I could really my life is all about off room radius.

Joel Neoh, founder of Youth Asia once shared in MyLDS last year,

"University has only 2 types of people, one who sits and revolves around his room with academics 24/7, one who just runs around and back to room for the bed"

I guess i am the one running around then, i find that this semester i hardly go back to my room. That is why when JinBang offered me if i would want to shift out to stay with him in off campus hostels, i hesitated because i know i am so comfortable with Tekun right now and i don't use my room as anything else besides a storage and sleeping place.

But more importantly, i find that i am talking and meeting lesser with my room mate already =/ Despite being same coursemate, neither i do really mix around with course mates. I was actually being noted by Peggy, my manager in AIESEC.

"If your networking is so huge, then just divide your days in that week to specify each for one group of friends"

And therefore i came out with, Monday as Architecture Day, Wednesday as Self Development Day, Friday as PKA and CG day, Saturday as Outsource Network Day, Sunday as AIESEC Day. Yes you got it, i am desperate to keep in touch with everyone.

Few things that are interesting past weeks and currently,

1) AIESEC USM Project Management Department has started off with a blast, i love Tina for the way she conducts the Chairless meeting, you could just see Ideas flowing all around! I guess we have planned one month to rebrand our PBOX.

2) USM Open Relay is having a countdown of 9 more days! Had Press Conference just now (i know it is a little late), looking forward to see our event on papers, Star didn't come though, there are 4 more other press, but before this we are already on NST STAR Metro for a small column, but we demand something bigger to catch attention. Sponsorship is awesome, i love it, MCD and Shokobutso is coming in! so goes to Milo! just as much as i have wished =)

3) Then just now, i would say, this is one of the most surprising moment in my life. I met Mei May as the secretary of photography Club, but didn't really meet her before, but i got a sms from her, about Perlis National Photo Gallery sorta stuff, to be displayed in all Unis in Msia as like in a tour circle. first come first serve, so i went there and meet her. And got brief and realize there is actually this 1 year project for photography competition as well as gallery to be displayed throughout Malaysia, and gallery for the development in Perlis. So it totally suits me because i am an Architecture, i get to work with the State of Perlis and to know their Development, we are not getting paid for this, but sponsor in terms of accomodation eat stay all are in, for the frequent trips to Perlis. This is certainly a good stuff, that i know would really help me because there are HBP lecturers in this, and i know i am willing to give up on what i am to right now just for this chance of networking. BUT again, need to go through Interview first, and this is gonna be fun! Only 4 to 5 people will be chosen pulak for this task force =/ but i think IT IS BIG!

There you got it,
yes it does open up more windows, no doubt,
and no way for someone networking to be introvert,
because projects OCs positions will come to you eventually,
not you finding them.
especially with USM with so many things going on,
Big or small, Popular or not,
Every Path has their own ways.

Enjoy it!
My 3rd week post! Laughs*