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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time is the Sky.

Hi World!
*Greetings from HoChiMinh City, Vietnam*

Yes i am blogging now even during this final night of my stay here because i just realize i will need to rush to pack to go MyLDS 2009 when i get back to KL! yea expected to reach home around 9 and then 10 something need to rush off to Pudu for 12 midnight bus to Kedah UUM. Yes this is the Malaysia Youth Leadership Development Seminar i have been waiting for!!

Then shall be free from 12-17 but thought of following mom to camerons again for photography purpose but need to appointment with sponsors pulak.. then 18 back to USM. And there ends my Sem break.

And me in Hotel now with some good lan internet here, unfortunately haven't filtered my 1.5k photos =P I am just hoping there will be wifi in UUM all right! so many things to blog! even hopping got broadband soon!

Wanna write about Economy, Architecture perspective from this Vietnam Trip!! Be right back la then =)
Am having tonnes of Fun Shopping here!!