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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank You 2009 =)

Hi World!
Kicking out 2009, welcoming in 2010!

*Picture of me and sister in Vietnam =)*

All right time to do some post evaluation on 2009 expectations.
and from these expectation setting i have learnt that my 2009 expectation setting is not sustainable, didn't really run along with the SMART specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely planning.

But what my college mate Calvin Chai said again is pretty a reminder to me

"Vision is like your ending point, Goals could be adjusted to achieve it, they are just like your stepping stone to the other end, and your stones could be positioned differently =) "

Then i would have to remind back my 4 themes of the year again,
it's said that 2009 will be a year of achievements, it's to practice perfection to the things and skills i had in year 2008 as it's expectations as well, but now i see it as a year of personal development. Truly enough it is a huge turn point my life i will say =)

1st Quarter (Jan-March) Not walking the talk, but running it instead
2ndQuarter (April-June) Appreciation
3rd Quarter (July-Sep) Outreaching
4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) Optimistic

Reasons are simple for this theme, 1st Quarter was due to my procrastination. 2nd quarter because College Age is about to end and i will need to repair my connections in college to keep my impression there. 3rd quarter is because Uni life has come and many new people just came flooding into your network, so i prioritize on networking. 4th quarter is because of the challenges i faced in the final quarter, and decided to be more productive with the optimistic mind.

2009 has truly been an awesome year again =) I felt i have gained something at least from my University Life as well the ending of College life in the first Quarter. I know it's gonna be history making year because i have entered USM, and the turning point of life could start off with University Life because that's really somewhere you meet people as well, with everyone's perceptions and understanding revolving around =) And i must admit awesome people came into my life, everyone is awesome, everyone of you came in just the right time this year to make me to ponder something about!

To my coursemates...
To my different cell groups in Church and PKA...
To the GreenLung Pharmacy Friends..
To the athletics Club Coach and Runners,
To my Family relatives,
To AIESECers whether you are same LC or not, or MC or AI..
To the acquaintances i meet by the bus stop and how we became friends..
To some random facebookers
To the blog hoopers that i know this blog has changed my life too...
To every single one who knows me but sorry i don't recognize you,
and to my beloved Dad in Heaven,
and to you too =)

Take Care
I shall post my 2010 goals and expectations later on =)
and i will be looking forward to see yours too!

Was considering to start a new blog for 2010 via weebly because i am so in love with the blogging convenience there, see how la =) By the way as i post this up, it's almost 1 year old for my dear blog! Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!