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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sugar Cube for AIESEC MyLDS 2009

AIESEC LC University Sains Malaysia 2009/2010,
plus me the photographer and MIAs Qing yoong, Hooi Yee and others i missed out your name.

I am still trying real hard to upload pictures to Facebook but seems that facebook doesn't like it or some other weird reasons. And a few videos of square dances too =) This post is dedicated to all of you in MyLDS 2009 who made it a success. I promise that i will post up a post about My AIESEC Story 2009 but yea let's delay that first. Without you guys definitely there's no point me being here as well.

Project Management Department 2009/2010

Executive Board of LC USM 2009/2010

My apology that i didn't really write Sugar Cube to many people except to LC TUC, Facis as well as MCs. I have always wondered if there is any preparation to face 330+ delegates for sugar cube, let's wonder if i will face that again next year =) The oscar awards goes to the awesome people! Note that i put names in random all right*

1. Lim Sin Ying, TM Manager AIESEC UPM
Again i remembered it was my sister who mentioned your name at first, quite surprising that i just knew you recently and how much we are connected right now. I guess i met you the first time in MYC =) yes and it was just half year ago! Just wanna say thanks for everything esp the vivacious part of you.. i think you are one awesome girl who just knows what you are doing time by time and i totally love the independent part of you. Definitely will still keep in touch with you as i know you will be leaving your LC soon =) you are definitely one of my closer contact in the AIESEC world. Heartz ya. and yes you are just too cute.

2. Jessica Loi, TM manager AIESEC USM
Kai Jie! again it is MYC that i met you! Thanks for the past half year of guidance and assurance. we both know you still owe me a lunch! evil laughs* Keep up staying that awesome smile and optimistic in you! I love your pictures by the way! one of the distinctive thought i have for you is your insomnia capability during recruitment drive. hahah keep it up! i shall help you for this coming sem all right!

3. Nicholas Ooi, TM in PM AIESEC USM
yes it is you bro. The first USM AIESECer i have met i guess? 2 years ago in HOPE Conference and now we absolutely don't have idea we will be in the same department in same LC. I wanna say that you are someone awesome, a thinking machine, an input boat, we are a team, i see the wonderful way how we balance each other even though both of us are ENTJs and we know what we are for each other =) See more of you in the next semester with more projects going on. Take care!

4. Ruth Choy, Comm AIESEC UM
Congratz buaya queen! Yes i am quite surprised too actually! x) i will agree with your sugar cube, i guess we will never able to reflect back to the past and searching when we were first met. hahaha but definitely we did i know. so funny that the first time i met you in Mylds your distinctive voice and behavior did kick off some familiarity there hahaa. I guess we both know each other better after some several chats =) we both know the same situation we are facing, we both know that we need to grab hold to something on . there is so much more to know about you definitely. And like what you shared, it is a fate you this awesome girl in MyLDS 2009, thanks. If it's there any problem to share, i will be just right there all right? =)

5. Wendy Lim, AIESEC UPM & Kim Fan and Shirlene, AIESEC UTM
To my 3 awesome non LC USM AIESECers, who appears to be from my college, definitely i wouldn't think that you guys will land in the AIESEC platform =) even though i know i had talk stuffs about AIESEC during college life. It's really really a privilage to see us meeting each other in this platform, and of course as we all know we will be expecting to see each other grow. So yea if there is any conference for available facis position or delegate application in your LC, tell me ya! wanna go there bising bising sikit! hahaha.

Honestly speaking, i am still yet to know you better =) hahaha but i know you have done and struggled a lot in the AIESEC platform i assume, really nice to meet you in MyLDS!Have fun in the Ripples International Conference in HK, get some cute HK girls contact for me all right x) thanks for taking care our other sister lim =P miss you two crazy people. hahaha

7. Wai Leong Lim, LCP AIESEC UPM
To my other brother Lim in UPM, I have heard lotz about you! how? Through facebook la!! ahhaha just wanna say good job on the great things you have achieved and i bet you have set other expectations beyond the place you are in now. hmm have fun to work as a team with my sis in Loreal Brandstorm! many more stuffs to learn from you! and As i look through the pics i took for LC UPM, i realize quite few guys in your EBs only. muahahha. Take care brother Lim!

8. Daniel Khong, MCIM manager
Dude, i love your baby wei, when going to bring me out buy batteries wannnn! give me crash course how to manage my wife properly all right! ahha. I realize i think more about your cammie rather than you x) haha.

9. Serena Chan, MCVPTM
I know we haven't been talking that much =) but for once again, Good job on whatever you have left behind your footsteps in this platform. I remembered meeting you and Rubini in this year's MYC but didn't know that you are gonna be the awesome inspiration woman to be met in LC USM. I wish you all the best in your next AIESEC plans, and of course again, please come back to visit us again hahaha. Grandma! thanks!

To my dear Boss! I am seriously glad to work under you, you are one super cool punya boss la. I do observe the way you lead, the way you present and delegate job during departmental meeting, keep up the high self determination, you are one of the many to help me to see things in different perspective. Don't worry about PM, i will support whoever goes to the next VPPM haha.

11. Peggy Wong, PM Com Manager, AIESEC USM
To my dearest manager, which i felt guilty cause i didn't really do much stuffs on behalf of AIESEC USM =/ But it's great to know you in every single sweet wayyy! Thanks for all the encouragement and cute calls we had, thanks for the sweet smile you hang on everyday, see more it during the next sem all right? that time i really want you to throw banyak task to me already. hahaha. hugs*

12. LaySee, PM ER executive, AIESEC USM
To my another sister Lim in LC USM, and my college mate, again, i didn't know i would meet you again in this platform. i am glad you choose to come here, to take up the challenge and i am looking forward to see you change in many awesome ways and i am ready to go hand by hand with you for it. I am glad that you choose to continue to strive in this platform while your friends didn't come MyLDS. I hope you find comfort here, i hope you find many undiscovered parts of life here and slowly to be shaped as a history maker to do great kinds. take care!

13. Xuan Yi, PM ER manager, AIESEC USM
To my very cute punya sister in christ, i guess we have shared much =) I guess i couldn't find someone else cutter than you. I guess it's with the distinctive laugh you have that shines the bright day. You have no idea how much i am looking forward to see you while you were away from pre mylds. haha. And yes we shall exchange visit to church next semester!

14. Anis, PM ICX Executive, AIESEC USM
I would like to extend my appreciation to you!! yes you! you are one cheerful girl who really took up the challenge too to excel in this platform! i am really looking forward to work in hand to hand with you for many exciting upcoming moments! see you back in PM!

15. Cafrey Ma, MCVP
You are one awesome dude which i didn't expect to approach you that easily =) Again so it's true that AIESEC doesn't have a hierarchy level, i am glad that i can approach the MC level and start chatting so easily! I love the way you present your speech, that gesture, that calm and inviting feeling rather than aggressive and persuasive one. Again i remembered asking you about your next plan for AIESEC, you said don't ask yet!! hahaha you are one funny person with that kindergarden smile =) nice to meet you in person!

16. Evelyn Chan, LCP AIESEC USM
If there's one thing i can't forget about you, it's your child like face =) yes you do have it. but on the inside, you do have an all in one blended leadership style =) I enjoy exchanging views with you in so many ways, i enjoy teasing you somehow, hahha but most importantly, i enjoy learning new things from you. As you step down soon, of course la sure will come and find you, who can miss out such cute girl! take care to our dearest LCP!

17. Tan Jin Yin, AIESEC USM
Throughout Mylds, i guess one of the one i got closer with is you, because most of the team session was with you, so could hear you opinions and all is such a privilage. And again, little do you know that your little words are the initiator that drove my thoughts to function, to think about so many things i didn't expect to reflect upon during MyLDS. thanks once again, shall look forward for a crazy sem with you!

18. Omar and Sulfi, LC UTP Initiators
A big congratz to both of you! We are proud to help you two awesome dude in starting something big in AIESEC History! May you continue to grow strong and fond to keep paving the way for AIESEC UTP. We are always here to help out in any directions! And definitely we would want to go visit UTP so much! take care! you guys rock!

19. Wilson Beh, ICX LC USM
To the person who stays above my room and first met each other talking about John C Maxwell and share the same path of leadership interest. I am really Glad to meet you in the first place, i still remember the moment you step into my room and we start sharing about how we knew AIESEC and agreed to join LC USM, and i know right now we are so indulged into it. I am excited for everything we see, i am proud to have a friend like you to self volunteer as a leader and enjoyed to have you to be in the team to play our roles together! see you more in the future!

20. Wilson Ng, Muslih, Ken Jee, LCVP of ICX OGX, and Jia Xiang LCVP Com
To the four big mountains of you, (That's what i define haha) Four of you definitely have shaped our LC much and frankly speaking i haven't come to a in depth conversation with any of you so i am pretty much looking forward to hangout with you guys again =) I guess AIESEC is just like a never ending big jar of container and there must be some huge volume of experience of you guys in it. See you!

21. Yee Leng, ICX LC USM
Yes i have given up on the rat race, and decided to stay here a little longer =) so true that when you said we can't get over busy more than one sem, simply because i am bored of it and i feel i have lacked of self talent development as well as knowledge. hmmm.. and i know these things because of you yee leng. nice to know you in the biawak race x) see you!

22. To all other LC USMers,
There is no discrimination but i have just so many stories to share!! to reflect on each every single one of you! how much you have changed my perception! screams* very tired edi though.. In a one nutshell voice, just wanna say! I am really looking forward for next sem and to witness EB selection as well =P It will be awesome to see new people step up and i will do whatever it takes to support you awesome people. I guess by right now everyone has their own definition about AIESEC, but no matter what we do share a common view and that proves we are a team! no doubt that after MyLDS i could know each one of you better =) heartz ya!

p/s you shall await for my AIESEC story post then. =)

23. To all other AIESECers out there,
You have your definitions for your own AIESEC story. And i bet you know how small our world could be, you felt instantly connected to the people around the world, and i am sure it is possible to bump into you in some conference or whatever =) All in all! Live your life to the fullest! see you!

24. To all non AIESECers out there.
Tell me what do you think of an AIESECer when you meet one =)