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Saturday, December 19, 2009

S.A.D Sangat Available Dude!

Hi World!
*You just notice that appears above in my every post don't you =)*

Love is in the Air.

Ahahah i am not pointing to anyone even though i tag you here =P but yes i do sense that lovey dovey aroma in Facebook especially times when Semester is going to start. I have blogged a few posts about the love life i have always wanted, owh yea or perhaps i should include a task to find a girl friend as my 2010 resolution =P LOL

No i am not a desperate dude, though so many of you call me Buaya outside there x) But yea please do not misunderstand if i go out with one to one often because simply i enjoy getting to know one person at each time and to focus on everything on her surrounding.

Normally it's those people who networks a lot seems to buaya banyak sikit cause they tend to have sweet mouth because they will need to favor people to keep in touch due to large networking.
So yea let me match you la if you are searching for one x)
*Good Job Mic I totally love the shirt branding.*

There is a reason why i always repost things like this, 8 things i look in my future wife, simply to remind myself again my thoughts, if you don't feel like reading it, then yea just scroll down.

I define Love life as...
My perspective is about finding your future wife/husband, in fact not really considering that person your girlfriend/boyfriend. The way you see her/him will change your perspective on her/him and therefore your actions right?

Why do i find/need her?
I don't find a girl friend just for love needs, if there is love there is anywhere, i am not that romantic type of dude, neither thirst for love guy.. but there are 2 main reasons, sense of responsibility and Spiritual Growth.

I have always wanted a younger sister, perhaps always seeking the feel of responsibility for someone, that in return may inspire you as well. I really hope to find a strong Christian girl who can challenge me by spiritual maturity day by day. Lame or not, but i find it very awesome, and miracles happens when a relationship is centered with God inside and Him as the priority instead of your love. And i have yet to experience it, and yes looking forward =P

By the way ignore the S.A.D Sangat Available Dude,

I ain't someone who is desperate, crush is pretty normal for me, but again it is my list i refer through again to give me a distance from it. There goes again..

The 9 to tick boxes..

1) Christian - Not by word and name, but by heart. Because i want whatever happens in our BGR, goes to God with prayers and seeking Direction from Him.

2) 3 months of Besties - I don't wanna go into a BGR like with a newly known, hyped up person, i just know that the faster i get into it, the faster i get out of it. 3 months to really know how perspectives revolve around her.

3) Knowing her Family/Friends - of course this one important la, parents especially, i don't really find it to get into a relationship with someone whom i haven't met her parents yet.

4) E and T - If you have know the MBTI personality test, most of the time it is people with E and T that attract me, as long you are an E Extrovert then many things come into similarity, T thinking is really my type because i am a T as well and i would want to expand my perception by critical thinking with her x)

5) Talents - I am a guy more into talents skills rather than looks, simply because i don't have looks, and not really with many talents.. but yea looks don't stay, talents expand..

6) Family Before Me - Because it is the same way i will treat you, my family comes before you too.

7) I am not your Everything- I am not some dude with high maintenance BGR sadly, that's why i will prefer as she is as active as me running around and having her own world. The tagline is easy, " I want to be Part of your everything, but not your Everything!"

8) Similarities - Some says similarities, some says differences that make two sides know each other better, mine is similarities, because you could just read her mind like no one else could. :P

9) Height - I don't have anything to comment on this, any height pun boleh la, but of course not taller than my eye level or shorter than my elbow level.

And yea just these 9..
I don't really see many options, especially in USM, all i think is my highschool crush for 3 years consecutive and right now few people =)

So Lord Jesus, when will i enter a Relationship? =)

But Heh single Rocks, because you could just go all around
and inspire different people without them worrying for your side =)