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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My AIESEC Story 2009

Hi World!

I kinda like this picture just don't know why =)

Anyways yea as i have mentioned, and to again clarify myself again what i have been thinking and going to do, there goes MyAIESEC Story 2009 post. It seems that after MyLDS, no one could escape from the atmosphere of the @ word haha. Even just now when i went out with Wendy, Tylor and Ruth, we found it that we are so attached to AIESEC already. My entire holiday seems to be so AIESECish, so i bet there goes the same to all MyLDS delegates..

How i came to know AIESEC?

I started to know about AIESEC 2 years ago,during my post form 5 break i guess? when i was in HOPE conference, which my sister Rue-Hann was the OCP for the event (if im not mistaken) and there goes a blow for me to think on how powerful AIESEC could impact lives. Then i was even so excited that without any @ knowledge, i was asking Brandon about how to start AIESEC in UTAR.. (now i laugh at myself) all i remember is he saying " get few people together then blablabla haha" then i just knew that it was just a simple conference like HOPE that we could really impact university individuals to do something beyond students routine and make an impact outside of it. I still remember Hazwan was sharing his India Exchange, and as well as there is a night info wholy about what is AIESEC?

The whole impression about AIESEC during that time is memorable, i even remember trying to tell all my matric friends about AIESEC as i know most likely everyone will be heading to pre uni. and yes again, i didn't have any AIESEC knowledge but just the spark of powerful impression i had that drove me to spread more about it.

And then it was one year later, last may, I went for MYC Miracle Youth Conference by LC UPM. Then it was really where i start mixing and knowing people from AIESEC, and i miss MYC Interns seriously! i didn't expect that we are still keeping in touch today! and it was where i met my brother sister Lims as well =P

And it was that time i knew that i have just got USM offer, so i met Jessica and Nicholas there, and got some guidance about Uni life as well as LC USM, and little did i know that Nicholas was actually the participant of HOPE 2008, and we are in the same department same LC right now.

and the ever since HOPE, I didn't know i will land in the true AIESEC platform in LC USM, rather than Taylors or UTAR i have intended to do so, God is Great, awesome stuffs happen.

And something i really really appreciate is my sister's thoughts, she didn't really tell me about AIESEC despite her active involvement in LC UPM, but she just invited me to the conference, and let me figure out the whole concept of this platform. and that i am truly glad of.

So what is AIESEC to me?

If i were to sum it up to one word, i will say,

AIESEC is just like a CAR.

It's always being said by many people, AIESEC doesn't teach you but it is a platform for you to learn yourself, it is a platform for you to do learn from your mistakes, there is no top or bottom, there is no ending but a starting, it is just like a whole stretch of highway with endless turns of opportunities to upgrade your car! You are the key to start the engine, it is yourself to initiate your own heart to go. And along this highway, you upgrade your parts, or you get accidents and you need to be repaired! you are being backup! Everything just moves forward again!

However again, this whole decision is back to your personal life and how you want to manipulate it for a better you. The main reason is because of good works, we do good to society, we run conferences and workshops to empower youth today to make a difference, we make this world a better place to live in. That's the part which have caught me. Something i do which i will feel Significant by bit.

However here comes the problem.

And i really learn to use the 4 Ws, not Where, who , what , when... but Why why why why?

Priorities. Joining AIESEC is not what i plan to be actively involve in. There is entirely nothing wrong with AIESEC at all, because again said, AIESEC is not for everyone. When i am challenged to step up for EB (which i know obviously no chance but the experience is awesome of course), it is just so tempting but again i ask what do i really want in this University Life? I wouldn't want my networking in EB to balance off my networking in the Architecture Life, i am not a superman to balance networks in 3 or 4 areas. I am greedy i admit, there is this sentence always popping out of my mind.

"Finish what you have started", Serena Chan, MC VP TM

but i have never really excelled in an area and grab a place of fame before, never. because of multiple interest.

So what is really my plan?

But again when i think back to my 4 Whys, this is truly not what i plan, AIESEC is just my 1st year plan, then off to exchange, and i must continue to head on for my Architecture Journey. It is not because my whole life will be so Architecture, simply because i have feeling there is something better outside. and the reason why I enter AIESEC for this term is i want to get myself equip, to see how stuffs run, how materials help people.
  1. I wanna start off a University Project with my coursemates, inspired by the idea i presented in MYC, which called Y.E.A.S,
  2. and then recently there is chance that i could be youth ambassador for Youth Asia in USM,
  3. who knows i could do some partnership mentoring with some overseas Architecture Board which are more to a sense of achievement to me.
  4. Photography and PKA ( Christian Fellowship) are a greater priority to me no matter what, serving in church is also another thing, we can always say self/time management we can do it, but i seriously doubt i could =/

It simply adds up to a conclusion, i am a dude with too many Ideas but less Actions. and that's the fragile part of me! My mom always say again,

Life is just a SINGLE layered Pie Chart, No Kuih Lapis.
Priorities equal to percentage of commitment.

But yea again no doubt,
AIESEC is truly life changing, it is the GROUP of people whom i really get to learn a lot with,
It's the very distinctive maturity thought that bound us together,
just that too bad =/ ,

i guess i am starting to carve out a more exciting path for my Architecture life =)
But of course i will be staying on with AIESEC la, this semester, because i am really excited for the new projects! and deng i really want a shanghai exchange!
and i hope i won't go against my words in this post after the exchange! ahahha!

To all AIESECers outside there,
go be History Makers,
because i know simply you guys are amazing!