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Monday, December 28, 2009

My 2010 1st Quarter Resolution =)

Hi World!
* as always how i started my every blog post =P*

yes again in my old habit of 1st semester, multitasking during lecture?
Listen to lecture.. look through the screen, type some notes, Facebooking, Skyping with coursemates across the lecture hall. in yea right now blogging.
just some happenings for the first few days of 2nd Semester =)

Yes i met up 3 India interns as well as 2 Australian Interns!
Isha, Udisha, and Suparna from India,
and Esther and Wang from Australia
Owh well and i bet it was a nice catch up with Nic and Peggy talking about Com stuff too!

Man it really feels like i am forced to go back to my old first semester, there is no time to rest, everything has a dateline and plans for it (not studies all right) i kinda came up to realize i'm pretty much a guy who goes against his own word. -.- I say about being introvert this sem.. but yea things never change as how you wish it to be..

I really wanna ask more people go out for lunch/dinner =) feels like i need to know more people in personal this time this semester!

and yes was producing my name card again yesterday.. yet to find nice color quality papers for it. Should have try to use different Material.

So yeap i guess it is 2 or 3 more days to 2010. Resolutions are revolving. This year's is year of excellence.. i will give it a.. 8/10 again as compared to 2008. I shall put my 2010 as the year of Awareness, to be aware of generally.. Everything. From why people think so, why people wear like this, why this is designed at such, just basically to bombard myself questions about the 4W, why why why and why! and if can't think or propose a answer.. google lor... =P

So i guess i will set my 1st Quarter Theme (January-March) as

"Resolutions Reshaping Reality, Details Determine Destiny"

I realize my current year 2009 resolutions are simply concluded just as i want it, without considering the S.M.A.R.T setting.

In this quarter, i would want to
  • see how resolutions revolve around me as well as everybody else.
  • How people see a new year spark and how they deal with it.
  • Observe why people plans their resolutions so and what situation make them do so.
  • Remember people's resolution and help them achieve it together.
  • Share my resolutions too so it will be a promise not to myself but to everyone.
  • be precise and detail in my planning and ensure its's not my own interest but according to God's will.
  • double check my self branding and see if my 2009 resolutions have impacted.
  • apply "details' in everything, from time to action. Dateline must be respected! no Procrastination! screams*
  • lastly, always remember my past resolutions and knowing that they are still my current resolutions to maintain.
Happy New Year and hope you have a good year planning head!
2012 coming already ma... mauhahaha.. faster do something crazy ya =)