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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How I IMPACT Myself.

Hi World!

Yes i was doing Belbin group role test in MyLDS minutes ago, and after that awesome personality test then we do good visions and goals sharing..

So after a discussion it seems that many people came to an understanding that goals are the variable factors that could be changed in order to reach your vision. I totally love what my college mate shared,

" Goals are just like stepping stone to reach your visions, you could step on other stones too to reach to similar destination." Chai Kim Fan, LC UTM.

Eveyone also went eye to eye for S.M.A.R.T goal settings, Strength, Weakness, Actionable, Reality and TimeFrame. However what really struck me is that i discovered the moment of the turning point of my character, that when i set my themes behind each goals.

I guess if you want to have an increased of self awareness, self confidence, confident, optimistic, this is my story that i have found all of them which you might want to hear =)

My vision is simply to be an Inspiration to anyone who met me, whether long or short. =)

Some of us we just see years passed by and see our resolutions set for the new year something unaware. What i started to do 2 years ago is something could be seen in my blog's header. To set each year to different goal, to set the 4 quarters in the year with different theme, then to set MONTHLY GOALs, and then WEEKLY mini Goals. One of my mini goals is some sort like.. say "Well done to 30 people per week" in order to help me remind to develop others because i was pretty ego.

What i could really see how this IMPACT me is that, i really really find that new start inspiration for each week! Because you set your week right, you know what is it to be done to improve yourself, you know how much you have MOVED forward. And that has improved your self confidence, and that has given you the self branding value, that has encouraged you to put up the smile because you know what you are facing everyday. and people has know you better for that, and they have confident in you.

So that's the awesome part i have discovered about myself. Am HAPPY!

Thanks MYLDS!