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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Developing Others?

Hi World!
Yes just a picture to show i am currently in UUM,

Naa yea many monkeys indeed.
Anyways FIRST DAY OF MYLDS has launched off!
Had workshops for the whole afternoon till evening! attended Developing Others, Effective Presentation, Self Awareness, as well as Multicultural teamwork.

One thing i will really remember of, Developing Others, I shared this in my group Discussion,

" I guess the main problem of me is my perception towards other achievements, i take it as a challenge or jealousy rather than a celebration together"

That was part of my reflection back to the read "Winning with People by John C Maxwell" It was so true, though mostly people mention about communication skills barrier that hinders them from developing others.

But i guess some people are a little surprise when i say i go for this workshop because it is my weakest, while we have to go for another workshop for our strength too, which i went to Self Awareness. Jin Yin kinda reflect back the stuffs i have been doing back then, It reminded me about the expectations and goals i set for throughout 2009. And her words remind me that my effort is actually paying off despite i doubt i am a person who really develop others, But I TRIED.

So yeap MyLDS is on the Track, AIESEC USM has surprising Square Dance Moves coming up!

Stay Tune for Photos!
Indeed a place i really wanna be in, Truly everyone is a leader here, in their very special way, the moment we have group discussion, there is this sudden feeling how small the world could be, we think so alike!

And I met a few interesting people =) again there is like 400+ people here! how to know everyone by the end of Conference! SCREAMS* too many awesome people!! faints*