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Friday, December 4, 2009

Are you REALLY a Christian?

Hi World!
Guess what is coming soon!

But yea i am still yet to figure out how this year's Christmas is going to be =P Guess will just stay in KL for it. And some shopping!

Yes i am in UUM now for MyLDS 2009! Pictures uploading soon!

Thanks Jethro Koi, =) For the wonderful chat about Architecture. Thank God i met you in PKA along with other bunch of Seniors, you guys are so spicing up my Architecture life wei =P Looking forward to indulge into your heritage project!

And PKA Family Camp 2009 Newbies!
Sadly USM Main Campus is gonna shrink real soon as Arts, Communication and Social Science schools are shifting to KL soon. sigh* will lose loads of Manpower!

I haven't posted a pic of myself quite a long time =)

This pic DOES remind me a lot of things!
Mr Liang Mun Yee. Hear His words through him.

"And Jesus said unto them, come ye after me, and i will make you to become fishers of men" Mark Chapter 1:17

"Don't Be Afraid, from now on you will catch men" Luke Chapter 5:10

This is the session i remember the most from the recent PKA camp, where Mr Liang spoke,

"Don't lie to yourself and identity, if you are a FOLLOWER, then you must be a FISHERMAN."

Man i totally love the way Mr Liang spoke, every word is just like directing straight into your heart, his words are empowered with evidence from the truth, and as well as very cautious with the evolving happenings.

Throughout the Evangelism workshop God really challenged us to think again if our lives are living upon His name, if ourselves don't even grab hold to a daily basis discipline to seek his name further, there is no use to talk about Evangelism.

Leaders are born but they are not made, fishermen are made but they are not born.

It really made me think out, how AGAIN? our daily lives could be an impact to anyone and anytime to really make us as Christians to be fisherman. So think again if you are really a Christian?

Are you doing your everything in life accordingly to glorify His name?