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Friday, November 27, 2009

SEM 2 is gonna be DIFFERENT!

Hi World!
Yea my sister brought me to this some kind book fair.. went to google it and here it goes.

The Big Bad Book Sale (http://www.bigbadwolfbooks.com26th November to 2nd December 2009
Level 3, Amcorp Mall

Yes i guess it is my first time being to a book fair and the crowd is a different feeling, would glad to take down few snaps but my DSLR wasn't wit me. It was the first time i felt that i so so need to read, and with the amount and variety of books there, it is so tempting to get one box to just grab everything and read all of it the rest of the year! Simply because ITS SO CHEAP! range between RM10-20 for each book! There will be a popular book fair in summit USJ too, won't be going though =/

The waiting list of books: and yes i will bringing all of them to USM if possible.

The 3 architecture, sports photography books my sister bought for me before the time i went.
Hopefully it will inspire and give me more ideas, who know soon i will indulge into architecture photography occupation.total? 45 bucks.

Thanks to My cousin Lulu who bought this book for my Birthday. It's drop dead gorgeous wei that says it all. So gonna help me too =)

This book is certainly something which totally hit me, have been searching for something related to this after my trip to singapore, plus whatever contains inside is well organized, statistically proved. 10 bucks.

This is certainly something very general knowledge =) how much is it? 15 bucks. compared to usual? UK $20.

This hits me too, talking about God's way it should be in Business.

And there are one thought that creeps out of me,

Look at all of these books, they could provide you much more informations and general knowledge and that will be crucial in conversations, and compared to the business you are having right now.

My social networking must stop here i guess. First sem objective is done, I don't aim to be impressive of handling many projects or whatsoever, the simply reason why i join many things again at first is to expand my social network that's why.

I should spend more time in 2nd semester reading up books and do more online resourcing. Stop joining activities but prepare the skills to initiate a project during 2nd year. And also do more self skills development instead. and do more self leisure random photography trips.

Sometimes again i can't stop and stare if this is what I want, or GOD wants? I am kicking out NRIC and RakanMuda Carnival, perhaps soon GreenLung too. Sometimes again it's not the amount of stuffs you join that harms you but the thought of responsibilities can harm you in your social life, that's what happen here. I realize i have changed in terms of not really enjoying my time talking to people. Not able to carry out heart to heart talk for such a long time already, even though of being able to know new people everytime.

Our lives are always represented by a single layer pie chart but not double layered, How you spend your time and attention towards others deduct the other's percentage. My mom told me that.

I figured out i have put a lot of personal time into other activities. and perhaps what few seniors told me is true, it is impossible for thinking to busy for one semester, the people you meet, the source you have, will bring you the next busy level, and that sucks.

So what's up for 2nd sem?
So right now i have figure out my decent pie chart is, AIESEC, PKA, Church Media Ministry, and some architecture exposed facts and research. PKA is memang will be my life line thing, i need it to assist my spiritual growth, the recent camp shows me more than that. AIESEC is because i will need to do student exchange and the people i meet there are simply more than friends but inspiration. And i think i should get involve in church ministry. God has calling for my skills i guess, photography and guitar.. I hear that. Running remains as a leisure, i don't wanna do training, i don't wanna go for MASUM anymore. and i will need to really focus on developing my skills.

*Breath in* I do enjoy very much the business i had in first sem, but if i were to carry on doing this for 2nd sem, then prepare to be a total freak who doesn't know what life is, and especially when God is calling you.