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Monday, November 23, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009

Hi WOrld!

Yes i went for PBIM yesterday early Morning, to start off my 19th Birthday x) owh well i didn't really expect any birthday celebration as i don't really have them often, but it is more towards a reflection on why God put me on this earth and how am i going to do it according to His will.

PBIM was awesome. However, my target record of 1H50Min is crushed obviously, i achieved 10km during 50.25. Then thought i could maintain but had a leg cramp during my 15th km, yes to make it worst, both legs. so i walked =/ Evidence? There goes the graph =)

There goes the use of my Nike+ Pedometer plus sportswatch. Uploaded to Nike to see this chart.

and yea there goes another chart to see your overall.

The gears i ran with during that day. Yes i guess this sportband.. is not available in Malaysia kua? Not too sure. but yea i paid a little high price for it in Singapore.

PBIM Is truly one of the most.. grand, crowded, cool marathon ever, the numbers itself is the largest crowd hitting 22 thousand people. Even the mass media coverage as well as joint venture of sponsorship companies says it all. Digi was the official sponsor, they dominate the branding sessions putting their logo on almost everything. And yes the funny point was that bananas are given out by yellow army too =) and also it's a marathon where i see many pit stops available.. wet sponge, mineral water, bananas, cold 100plus.

And running on the bridge is definitely something impossible without PBIM. The breeze during the morning was awesome. Very challenging because it's a one whole long stretch which takes pretty lot determination to keep on running.

"The whole point of Marathon is not about winning the race, but just keep on stomping forward without stopping for the entire race is beat your own timing"

That was told by my 10 minutes uncle friend =) And told me some nutritional facts while running with him. Take slow breathe instead fast, stay straight and look downwards, and lastly, encourage each other to run, this is a race of thousands, not alone.

Life is just like a marathon, it's not just about achieving a position, but never stop your pace and keep on stomping your steps forward to beat your timing, and it's a race of thousands, not yours, motivate the people around you to run the life together.

ALL RIGHT! I am off to bed! will be off to Cameron For PKA camp! stay tune!