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Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's November! Wake me up!

Heh you!
*Not using Hi world since someone seems bored about it* x)

Yes it is study week right now, and 2.30am in Mamak with the roommate watching Chelsea vs ManU, owh that's why i Love USM life here because hanging out in Mamak at this hour is safe as all students populate them here =) *Yes mom you don't need to have worry, just call my roommate ask him i got study anot x) * Yea study week has been again like a "Floating motion" everyday just passes by with the books driving you nuts. Good thing i went Singapore for Archifest and some relief =) Check what i find out x)

But of course, they don't offer nice foods here x) I met this Singapore Uncle randomly in a bus, talked to him about several things esp architecture in Singapore. he's a retired accountant and yes i could tell him how he inspired me in a 10 minutes chat! Talk about governments and really change my perspective about Singapore. Singapore is not always the so wonderful place you see actually. i guess.

But this is the latest Shopping icon in Singapore, awesome architecture right?
Presenting Ion Plaza, which i find Sunway Pyramid is nicer to walk. x)
URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) of Singapore is definitely something nice to study about for most town planners. Even Google earth alone about Singapore is fun to observe!

And on a random note, Happy 19th Birthday Xin Yee! My HBP coursemate!

And yea presenting few of the close coursemates which i have been working with for the final exhibition project. So sad la first sem over already, gonna summarize it up in another post about what i have learnt =)

Glad you love the card with our wishes on!

Owh yes and something about me i wanna boast about x) I always see achievement and recognition as something important to motivate yourself, but i didn't know that somehow it could motivate others too! Mom take a look at this =)

All right that's all for now, Yes I am still here in the Mamak with Room mate waiting for me to head back room to Muggg -.-'' Study.... Owh yea the reason why the post is about November. Because November is a special month for me! and December is so filled up with activities! can't wait!

God Bless!