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Monday, November 16, 2009

A day out with KungFu!

Hi World!

yea had my Sunday spent in Georgetown shooting some shots for kungfu Club seniors =) Nice to meet you people! half computer science seniors and half.. my very own HBP seniors.. which i have forgotten since apartment stay with them. SORRY la!! and thanks in advance for giving me the chance to shoot for your upcoming kungfu night next year February 6. Will mark that down in my calender! =)

Owh yea so many stuffs on to go.. Rakan Muda Carnival, AIESEC, NRIC Publicity and Sponsorship, Green Lung Carnival, USM Open Relay.. all happening next sem. And yes i haven't blog about a summary of my first semester =) and i didn't know XuanYi my Project Management Department teammate in AIESEC is the head of sponsorship department in NRIC x) so wanna help out nowww!! despite phobia. what to do.. cute girls ma. hahahaha.

Actually still have 2 more papers to go.. tomorrow for malaysian studies and then wednesday Environmental Science. Shall mug like a nerd after this till morning tomorrow..

and some stuff i am wondering about. I have not been updating my blog quite often as last time, but am wondering how does my blog page view could exceed 1k views as well close to 1k for the last 30 days. My Cbox and comment box are like so empty.. so yea la leave a message will ya!

and yea below are some photos taken for KungFu Club. Enjoy =) Using my Nikon D5000, nissin flash DI622, kit lens, as well as my favourite sigma 70-300 telemacro lens f3.5- f6. All rights reserve!

And for now!! STUDY!!!