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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6 Things I have Learnt in My 1st Sem & The Set of New path of 2nd Sem.

Hi World!

Yes it feels like Heaven right now, 1st semester papers of my university life has just flashed through just like that, again time is no longer drop by drop of rain drops but just an arbitrary flush of water. Time to step back and see whether objectives and goals are achieved.

Some of the stated objectives are made here..

1. Talking about weekly schedule. yes i discover the powerful usage of Google Calender. And i must really admit IT and online savvy paper moves faster with technology in their hands. Google Calender doesn't only work by showing a whole nice chart of your happenings but you could overlay with your friend's calenders and have meetings without trouble of discussing the suitable time. Google Apparatus really helped me a lot throughout this semester, as long something is emphasizing on speed, i am all up for it. Picasa, Google calender, Google Earth, they are pretty one touch settings and i am a very very IT dependent person, ask anyone around me.. they do not see me without my lappie right? But yea considering to get a broadband next sem as i really really waste time on a stable Campus Wifi. waste time!

2. Budget wise. Yes i am pretty lack behind financial planning. At first i thought i could be like matrics to record my daily spendings but didn't have the discipline. Averagely i spend about 600-700 per month. Yes that is freaking a lot because i eat a lot and buy tonnes of Food. You could even ask me pepper tomato sauce, mayo.. Enough Food to survive as long as one week when Tsunamis hit. I can't study without Eating! but yea i don't do leisure fashion shopping, excluding sports gear. I spend my money mostly on things that will promote time efficiency and add speed to my life.

3. Overall talking about Productive, yes personally i think i have achieved it, but expected to be more busy and productive. As long i have the time to spend one day off or even Laptop gaming, definitely that means there is something better else to be done. Now with after 1 semester in USM, i guess there is no excuse saying of not yet attached to the surprising agendas or busying working scope. Just think everyday, every night if you have achieved something out of your day.

3. Social Networking. Yes that was my main Goal. I have always believed the people you meet in University opens up your future door including Job opportunities. People often why i choose to be over busy, it is not because of Certificates or some super lame MyCSD marks, screw them up they are nonsense, the main reason is to meet different people, and to diverse my contacts, from different years, different admins, different courses. Partially one of the reason why i do not choose to attach to a Society or Organization before second year. And yes the idea of name card initially really helped me throughout the semester. Even myself didn't realize i could add 500+ people from one semester alone in Facebook. Gonna go through my friend list soon to update myself with the people i know though.
Social Networking isn't just about going around and getting to know as many people as possible, it's about identifying the significance of knowing the person, then only truly you will appreciate him/her and keep the string in attached.
I don't just go around and simply giving namecards without the intention of knowing the person right.

4. Corporate Life? Many things i have learnt from USM Open Relay. The thing that got me a little fed up during second half of first sem. It isn't any Competition which has transition of knowledge from seniors to us, it was something so new that Coach just place me as head for Marketing and Publicity. To make it worse, i am doing a double portfolio for a National Event with no proper talent management of people under me. Right now it is better as we are all a little integrated in task management as a whole OC. I guess it's something not many first year could experience. From targeting companies, resource, call up, negotiate, all those annoying stuffs, yes but i find that i have learnt a lot, and it makes me wanna do sponsorship person for the rest events as i have the contact established with some companies.

5. Outstanding Personality? I didn't set anything for this, but i guess it is significant to note that someone places significant in the change or outstanding of your personality, and you have to figure out what is it of you that makes you deserving this award. Yeap i have gotten the title beyond GA Personality award for HBP First year students first semester. It also reminded me how i manage to get 2 years of consecutive model student award in highschool. One thing i know for sure, I DIDN'T SET OR TARGET to do so. Success comes sweeter when it is a surprise. I must admit, i skip classes, and i am sure lecturers know that, all the reason i could think why lecturers award me with this title is perhaps i am a filled enthusiastic person, yea i guess because i am the one who talks the most nonsense in class =P and photoshooting all around, and enthusiasm that in me that shines out i think*

6. Optimistic Value. yes i have tried hard enough, that when piles piles of assignments, task after task of projects, and other personal responsibilities stack together. I always just look upon God and rewind Isaiah 40:31, Give me strength oh Lord, that i may look on this burden as Glorifying your name, and there goes one semester of endless back to back task. I enjoyed suffering amid of stress and time capability, now i know that i could handle a more heavier, self motivation demanding task in the future.

Personally i felt my objectives and goals are quite satisfied done, just hoping that i could have done much more. I always have the same thought again and again* Yes i am stressed out of course. Even when people think that holiday they could rest properly but i tell them it is the holiday that the workload goes double! My Holiday itself also filled up and left one week at home, sorry mom i know.

But i just pray this short break could prepare me for 2nd semester, as many upcoming, unpredictable challenges of course, it's not like first semester i have the freedom to view around what to participate, but stuffs are listed out and interviewed..

1) Rakan Muda Carnival (Publicity And Marketing)
2) USM Open Relay 2010 (Head of Marketing and Publicity)
3) NRIC 2010 (Publicity)
4) AIESEC USM (Project Management Team)
5) PKA
6) Photography Club

yes i realized i have been all along in the trend of publicity since highschool, perhaps anything have to do with media is my taste, and yea i am expecting a hectic schedule from AIESEC next semester as new projects coming in.

So this only means one thing, time to do new goal settings for new semester =) One thing i know for sure, my social networking is not a priority for the next sem, somehow i have had enough fun knowing new people. hahah, FOR NOW. Though i will need to meet 500-600 new people during MyLDS*

May God bless me for a peaceful Holiday. Amen. Same goes to you.