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Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 THINGS to accomplish in 30 days of Holiday T.T

Hi World!

All right just got my half day sleep and now in Khaleel catching some meal and heading for marathon later. Yes my category starts at 3.30, and whether you are prepared for this marathon, i guess stepping or running on Penang Bridge during the weez hour is definitely something rare to accomplish. Owh well i won't be setting a time for myself, just know that i must enjoy the race, besides that i have no plan to train fit to represent uni anymore, due to hectic training and i feel i will better place my time in some other networking, but of course i go often runs to keep fit.

Yes holiday is here again, and 30 days i know, it wouldn't be a holiday at all, I really really need to put in some personal time and train up my self management skills to face 2nd semester like crazy. so yea here are the few things to do!

1. Read finish my book...
Yes remember the book i mentioned i bought in Changi Airport? I am just like.. reading around 30th page there. "How to instantly connect with Anyone" by Leil Lownders.

Quite a leisure thing to read and love the examples the author use. But yea reading this book doesn't really mean i am desperate to connect with anyone k! Hahaha, but i am more interested on how the author's ideas inspire her to write this book.

2. Brandstorming and Designing for GreenLung Carnival 2010
Yeap was in few Green Lungs meeting and am in the department of Publicity, man i guess i will be in the Publicity, Marketing, Photographer positions quite often. they all inter related hmm =) Yeap gotta design blog, poster, notice etc.. wanna start something quite impact on branding for the carnival, Nicholas i guess you know what i mean =P reminded me for being communication executive of PM for my LC, Man i need to start studying Branding as a sub course! haha! GLC is happening in February...

ANY USM students who wants to contribute to this newly initiated project, please do join us!

3. Go through My Facebook friend list.
Yes it has passed a semester and i guess i have added up like 500+ friends alone, from MYC till now, well nothing to be proud of, but i guess i have to go through the list and really ensuring they are my friends, one by one. Again i am doing this. Just to make sure i stay connected with people..

4. Start figuring out my 2010 Theme.
Yes it is a nice year =) 2010. Again december is closing, and so goes 2009. As far as i know the 4 themes for this year are Quarter of Determination, then quarter of Outreaching, then quarter of Appreciating, then Quarter of Optimist.. yeap again the reasons are to reach my year theme which is Self Branding. will come to a summary later on..

5. Rearrange my Lappie! really start a portfolio!
Yea my lappie has been officially a mess, all files pictures songs remain unlabelled and scattered around. Perhaps time to back up and change to windows 7? And yea must really start a portfolio! screams*

6. AIESEC Materials
Yes MyLDS is closing up, time to feed myself with some AIESEC knowledge, and knowing the networking among AIESECers malaysia a little better.. and see what my dear VP has to say what to busy about for the next Semester x)

7. Rakan Muda Carnival 2010
Yes this is quite exciting as am manage to run as Head of Publicity department for a national event, and why i challenge myself to enter this is because of the environment, and yes i am the only chinese in the meeting just now, and

i am spreading around to all Chinese in USM , that if you want to challenge yourself for something better, please do join us! my department i mean =P

8. USM Open Relay 2010
Yes again lor.. to call up companies.. bla. hopefully my teammates are good IT savvy people who really knows how to reply Emails ASAP. yes again, head of publicity.

9. Y.E.A.S project 2010
I assure you what i said during MYC 2009 is not just a whisper amid the air, but the idea is something i really consider of, looking at USM having white coffin project and GreenLung initiated by Pharmacist student, I guess it is time for HBP student to start one project. I call it the Youth.Energy.& Aqua.Squad. of course it is gonna be slow, gonna start the proposal bit by bit first and expanding human capital. Exciting! I guess i will be prepared during 2nd year, good timing when i came back from Shanghai expo to learn some resource.

10. Lastly! and most important! Buy my hammie a new Cage!! using my own fund. hahaha. Hamster owh hamster how i miss you at home. LOL.

wow lotz stuff to really accomplish in 30 days plus non stop activities, i know i will never reach it, but yea always set a guideline ma~ =P

And now i shall go back to run and prepare for the run!