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Monday, October 12, 2009

USM Failed in the Times Higher Education (THE) - QS World University Rankings 2009?

"UM helped put Malaysia back in the elite top 200 when it climbed 50 places from last year to 180 this year while UTM moved to 320 from 356 previously.However, three other institutions, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) dropped to 291, 314 and 345 respectively.

Harvard University topped the ranking once again; followed by Cambridge, Yale, University College London, Imperial College, Oxford University, Chicago University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology.

The highest ranked Asian institutions were Tokyo University (22), Hong Kong University (24), Kyoto University (25) and National University of Singapore (30).

The same criterion and weighting were used to measure the universities, namely recruiter review (10%), international faculty ratio (5%), international student ratio (5%), student faculty ratio (20%), citations per faculty (20%) and peer review (40%)."

*source from TheStar
First of all, Sometimes i just don't get it, what's with the rat race about to achieve the top universities in the world, while we are still not getting the basic value of means in education first. Being in the top 400 is an achievement i would say. There are estimated 9000 universities around the Globe. Sometimes i wonder why we are so after university position internationally rather than putting university out of its role, and to help out communities outside here. I even heard Rumors that UM, even though they had their international student ratio increased, many hospitality is left there to be and not much attention has been paid towards these students, isn't this another epic shame as well?
I was reading with disbelief "Hard work pays dividend for UM", where the writer wrote "USM.. is a real disappointment and certainly did not live up to its (Apex) status. This is quite frustrating and I couldn't stop agreeing with what Dr Thevananthan from USM school of Education said.. He quoted our Higher Education Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled' Nordin saying..

We should not relate Apex too much with the THE-QS rankings. Apex
isn't meant solely for ranking purposes and we expect it to show results after
Does the person really understand what is APEX and how much one University have gone through to get the title? I understand that the selection of University to grab the title of Apex doesn't depend on overall achievement solely etc.. but mainly on how well the University present Its Ideas and Visions. In USM, we say "We Lead'' In here in USM, we decided some time ago that it is very irrelevant for us to be caught up in the mythology, that is, THESR, and to instead focus on how we might serve the people of Malaysia and the world in a way that will not just stimulate the intellectual nad moral growth of our people, but to also serve the less fortunate and less able.

"As a university, our purpose is not to promote manpower for the
current job market but to shape minds for the future."
quoted by Vice Chancellor, USM, NST, 9 Sep 2009
There are estimated about 9ooo universties world wide, whether we are number 1 or to the last on the superfluous and biased rankings on the THESR, I believe that shouldn't be a matter of measurement. My opinion is that UM, USM and all the other Malaysian universities in whatever position they are in THESR, are great in their own rights and do need rankings to reinforce this. Infact if we continue to be driven so deep with the mythology of THESR, we will be better to afraid of a higher possibility of corruption and misleading improvements.
And why is there more concern about whether UM is getting its position back to the top 200 rather than improving our other Local Unis such as UMP Unimas UMS etc? I personally think we shouldn't compare ourselves to NUS or something like that, they are at a different position and economy driven, what we should really look at is how our education system overall is really impacting our community and nation, and then reset and integrate the vision for all to share. In a way, i don't really see how united Malaysian Universities are. Just my two sens.