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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Truly Sunny Sunday! =)

Hi World!
Festival Of Nation 2009 had been a fun one! =)
like the whole day berbonding bonding with AIESECers only, raining whole LC hide under the tent. hahaha funny bunch of people la!

and just so if you want this awesome magazine! POSTGRADASIA! i personally think it is very resourceful for, especially for people who wants to continue masters etc, and even for first year, it's never too early to think! =) So please do PM me, and all i need in exchange is just your email add!

owh and German week photos are up! here it is! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=116983&id=688564295&saved
and also Festival Of Nation Global Village

Yeap so a busy week has passed by again! phew* finally i find one day having all the time by myself =) plus my room mate went back home and campus is kinda quiet. I really decided to declare today as Anti Assignment or studies day! but guess i am just too much of a result oriented guy =/ so am planning to go to studio tonight study!

Finally! Time Flies! can't believe it is already the 4th Quarter! and again i have the plans laid out all the way till next year =) This week is truly exam week la, all quiz though.. then as usual most of the nights are meeting nights. and like matrics again, i only start studying after 12 to 3 in the morning, my optimum time i guess?

and am loving the java bible which i just installed in my phone =)

Jeremiah 33:3
"call unto me, and i will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty
things, which thou knowest not!"

SNL was awesome, pastor Philip Ong came and spoke, i didn't know him till yesterday night, a guy which owns 6 companies and telling how his hectic wealthy life is managed along with his spiritual life =) Talking about putting the power of prayer first, postpone all the meetings just to go to hospital to pray someone, turn a housewarming party among ambasaddors to a salvation call. awesome. powerful! =) all in all is about trusting in him with your wealth. just fully trust it! do you really give your tithe yet?why not?

And also, i am having fun knowing some awesome new people these few days =)

I feel so happy today la don't know why. hahaha