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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hi World! =)

saying to himself* welcome back to reality! start studying! =/
credits to Jin Bang who was my travel mate during our 3days 2nights in Singapore.

Photos are still being uploaded.. not many photos from Archifest as they are more about documentations and require high resolutions to read them, so you could PM me if you want..

Yes i have lotz stuff to blog actually =P like " 10 lame funny ways to better time management" of course my version la.. or about "10 things in depth observations about singapore".

So a few simple things to shout about!

1. I am still a Nike Loyal Fan!
Yes i bought my another pair of Nike shoes in Queensway singapore. I must admit that is the best place ever to shop for shoes, not because they are cheap, but the varieties is beyond what you see always because the shops there are not official nike retailer or same goes to others, but it is some 3rd party buying in mass quantity and they have a whole lot of varieties where you can't get from Branded shops, either it's yet to release, expired models, they have it all. with real good price.

I got mine for 100$, and if you notice the nike+ watch and the pedometer sensor, they also cost 100$. What is so special about it? whether it is released in Malaysia, I have no idea, but it's good that you could upload your run records to Nike and gets consultation from it. and plan your running schedule etc.. it's a USB watch by the way.. with the sensor planted in the shoes, could calculate the distance you have run and calories.. time.. pace.. everything la.

2. My sem break is officially called week break.
yes supposingly to have sem break from 22 november till 28 december.. But guess that 23rd till 26th i have PKA camp up in camerons.. then 29th till 3rd dec will be in Vietnam Family Trip.. then 4th till 11 dec MyLDS up in UUM Kedah, then finally WEEK BREAK! then 18 till 25th dec USM Athletes Centralized training, for preparation for MASUM as well as USM OPEN RELAY Discuss... then school reopens 3 days later =) Mom sorry for being such. Am all excited for it =)

3. I bought a new book =)
i am not a frequent reader as most of my friends now, last time i was quite into non fictions book, but those leaderships economy books.. and guess what did i get now?
and where i bought it? Changi Airport? cause i was there for 2 hours before flight and decided to grab one book to read, and the author was the best seller of "how to talk to anyone". At first we might thought it's lame and those for too poor in communication, but i tell you, this lady really has some catchy tips inside =)

4. USM Open Relay.
Praise God that the athletes event first time ever started by athletes club USM is doing well. At first i struggle lotz and lost hopes when stuffs are hard, but when sponsorship and participant forms are out, hopes coming in as sponsors are coming in! happy la memang! but yea need to worry about it even during this study break =/

5. Study week.
Yes this week suppose to be studying, i must admit i still haven't start, even tomorrow i am going to Georgetown to settle some JPA stuff and going around with Faiz my friend to shop for his flash.. =) but i always tell my mom one thing. I am always confident when it comes to busy, no matter how busy, and i know i could because my past results showed it.

6. My 1st semester have finished,
and i shall blog another post about it. about what i have learnt and whether resolutions and expectations are met =) but i guess the first one has failed x) eh how to find my dreamgirl in my course la? =P No girlfriend from first semester, not to say i am desperate, but in 2nd year and 3rd year, architect life is no simply life like you think to find for one. First sem ended successfully, i would say wrapped up happily with getting to know much more better with many architect students which i am going to work with in the future.

I am really ending this post with a smile! Praise God for a good start of this study week!
take care people!