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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Reason Behind this Hectic Life I Choose

Hi WOrld!
Yes Assignments have finally come to an end! =)
Semester 1 is always on the final dot, but it's just the starting of all.

First of all, stuffs that i am currently into:
1. USM GreenLung project: It is about ensuring our campus is a smoke free campus zone and encouraging and educating staffs and students in USM to stop smoking, am in the publicity and launching campaign departments. And hopefully the event photographer.

2. USM Open Relay 2010: Track Relay Events opened to all Malaysians! during 23 January and happened in conjunction of USM 40th Anniversary. am the head of Publicity and Sponsorship department.

3. NRIC 2010: National Research and Innovation Competition, is an inter uni competition next may holidays... am proposing to join Publicity department but seems that some of the seniors saw me involving in open relay sponsorship, they wanted me to join sponsorship.. so see how the results go la.

4. Golden Key Walkathon OC: I joined it suddenly because it was the sponsorship department that i feel i need to join if i want to help me open relay event, which both events are actually head to head by one week! so i guess i can grab some resource from both sides.

5. Photography Club: so far not many activities, still awaiting orders, but contacted president and told him i want to be in the freelancing shooting team, which i heard we can earn side incomes while shooting for events, and networking in events is what i am looking for =)

6. PKA Family camp OC - Photographer for CF camp! but yea i guess everyone in OC also does different roles together la.. And yea in a way i am also PKA member la =)

7. USM Athletes Club- the reason why i get to be part of the OC for Open Relay 2010, i am not worry that training sucks your time, but physically you are so dead when you have 3 days once week training. and really demanding as of physical concentration! =/ i skip often i must admit. but hopefully good enough to proof that i can go for MASUM 2010. =/

8. AIESEC PM department- Probably the Highlight of my Uni life, something which i am exposed before entering USM. Project Management Department is something i find myself really fit into actually. Right now not many things to do, just that, in the 2nd sem where all projects start, then burn extra oil for it la =) It's my core source of networking!

9. Y.E.A.S project for HBP- This is something i intended to do for 2nd sem, since that Green Lung is started from Pharmacist students, i think there is something for HBP students to work on too, it is a project about saving energy and water supplies, through our building knowledge and applied skills. Hopefully this will be a good platform!

10. Studies! owh that says it all -.-''

First of all, I know this is Crazy, even right now 3 in the morning i am printing stuff for Festival Of Nation later on. And one thing is that, somehow in my case, last time i initiated to choose the most, at 2 activities, among AIESEC, PKA, and Athletes Club.. and guess what? I can't decide, so i went for all, and i thought it was a good choice, but later on, how i knew that each stuff leads me to one another..

How does all of this relate?

In PKA i went into PKA Family Camp OC..
In Athletes Club my Coach put me as Publicity and Sponsorship Department.
In AIESEC, as for PM department, so far nothing, but knowing Peggy as my manager gave me chance to help out in German week and also another part of @ activity, Festival Of Nation.

At first i thought USM doesn't have a photography club, and i was hugging my baby DSLR all along since first day of school, and then there goes suddenly a photography club, so i joined it.
Since i am the Head of Publicity and Sponsorship Department of Open Relay, i see it will be more towards an advantage if i join Golden Key Walkathon sponsorship department, share information! so i'm in again. =)

NRIC is what a temporary project for me, as much as i know it will be in May next year again, I doubt that sponsorship will be a trouble because the reputation of the event is there, and then being the sponsorship person for 3 events will definitely help me very very much. Really looking forward to meet companies.

But it's not 100% effort?
However, I must admit some activities i join is just for the seek of networking, such as GreenLung, because i aware that most of the people are pharmacist and i guess i will need to know more people from variety course. Infact, thinking about my idea of starting a similar project, I figure out that i need to meet the president soon to grab some ideas and guidance from him =)

All in all, the main reason behind all these troubles is social networking i will say. All those really silly MyCSD marks or Koku marks is the last thing i would think of. They are just something university uses to make us join stuffs =.=''

I believe what really makes you successful in future is the networks you know, as well as how people label and share the testimony of your personalities, instead of some superb CVs which is just a first impression.

As of for my first semester I believe that i didn't regret of burning myself joining such a number of stuffs, all in all because i want to set up the foundation of contacts so that later on i could start of something awesome. Let's say the Y.E.A.S project i am planning for 2nd semester.

I might sound like some desperate person joining every single things i see, but i really do consider each thing I join, i make sure i can give it a 100% the best i can to invest, i set my goals and expectations for anything i join, and another thing i believe is that,

Expectations is the main drive of enthusiasm and extraordinary Ideas.

If you could expect MyCSD marks in any little tiny things you do, then you could just expect no experience in return because you tend to do less and talking more.
If you could expect experience and leadership team building, then you would do more than you are told or set to. just to achieve your goal.

It's Amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.
Harry S Truman

I believe it so much, that i feel so happy about it because it means don't waste your time on jealousy or gossiping. Overall am so happy the way i am now. don't know why.

p/s Owh yea i think i will have a post about my STM =P