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Friday, October 2, 2009

I just DON'T Understand.. =/

Hi world! =P

" Pictures are special, because they could do what we couldn't, to smile 24/7"
quoted by YaoMing, saw in his advertisement =)

All right.. some random updates..
the positive view of this week!
1) No assignment this weekend.. though i slept at 6 in the morning for my SHE assignment just now..
2) and am having fun stuff going on this weekend! Assignment trip in reserved forest behind USM.. and then 2 beach outings!!
3) I started studying! such a miracle!
4) Started sending out motivation sms.. doesn't cost much at all.. my digi and maxis line send out to 20 contacts.. hopefully the sms help some people to start off a good day..

the negative view of this week!
1) Had a real hard time understanding why some people couldn't even do a simple task and saying they have exam to focus on etc, while i have 4 non academic projects running together and i am balancing them all, so far so good though.. it's very frustrating lor. and it's more frustrating to think about again is there anything wrong with me to lead as a leader. =/

"It's amazing what you can achieve without caring who gets the credits."
TRUE. I think i have achieved much.

p/s yea going back KL next weekend for cousin's wedding!