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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Trial Ends..

Hi World!

All right first of all! sorry for late wishes!
But selamat Hari Raya! Maaf maaf la saya...
I am so gonna miss Bazaar weii.. and the somehow, different kind of environment during Puasa Month.. But yea Good thing MoonCake Festival isn't clashing with the same festival =) Shall treat my malay friends MoonCake!

Anyways back to my reality!

Yes truly enough, the few months ago has just been a Trial I guess. Trial of knowing whether you really understand University life? And suits you to the life there of course..

I really need to utilize this weeekkk! To prepare myself for the busiest months ever. Assignments for the past few months is just peanuts i will say, nothing to boast, but i am expecting a really really tight assignment due date soon, with so many major event planning coming up. But Just all in all, I feel God's Strength so mightily somehow. It's like the adrenaline rushing up saying "It's not enough"?

I promise myself when school starts again i am really going to utilize my cheap sms fares to motivate people everyday. Perhaps like each morning send over text to like a bunch of friends... then the other day the other bunch.? Just to align with my purpose, which is to discover people's dream and helping them to achieve it.

p/s I was talking to Nic about what ENTJ people like us face, discover some really helpful stuff =)