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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This World is just so apart.Why?

Hi world!
Yeap didn't update my blog for a few days already.. and yea if you are expecting i don't update it due to business in life, then my life wouldn't be busy already. Get that? haha don't care my crap la..
All right! Just came back from Sungai Ara school just now. Stuff is awesome. Went along with Jan (from holland), Goro and Hiro (from japan) and yea take lotz of pictures again =) and quite funny to remind myself how shy i was last time during form 4 to answer questions..

Yeap the 3 musketeers.. With one different case, of one being as tall as two meters. owh my goodness la...But there is, somehow something that made me thought.
I personally think that one of the reason why participants is shy, because (perhaps) some of them haven't even met a non malaysian before, and just avoid it shyly when we ask them questions, owh i got this last time before.

But this girl is quite an initiated product of thinking differently.

It's a surprise to see why she wants our autograph. My assumption could be even she has never really met international people, (there is possibility) As what i know from my friend, Sg Ara school is quite a local oriented school.. Yes i will be expecting some of them to surprise to see us, like what i have seen after that, but this girl took the initiative to approach and know us. It just simply tells how many places in the world today is still not under the process of globalisation. I know there is no help for it, but yea pity them.

Thank God i've seen those.

and yes i miss my CG people. =/
Yes we are so world apart now, some off to UK, Aussie, states..
and i still can't forget how Pastor Foo thinks about the future of our CG when we are about to fly away =P haha.i will sure visit back soon. He just regard me as a 'once in a blue moon' member. haha!
Miss ya tonnes!

and owh yes i am gonna fill up my 1st sem break like mad. 23-26 nov PKA family camp.. then family trip.. then pre MyLDS, then MyLDS then perhaps NLDS? gonna ask mom for that. haha.