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Friday, September 11, 2009

My 8 Rules of GroupAssignment game

Hi world!
Cellgroup had been an awesome one!!.
Could say one of the best worship i have lead so far, with people as many as 17, and 5 random songs which i choose, and DIDN'T have any idea about the flow but God just lead me so well through it! Anyways!

These few days have been truly a blessing to me.
personalities often have been an interesting topic to observe, but this time i really observe what is the most i could be at. Just so you realize, I am an ENTJ, according to BMTI test.

Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.
Extraverted Thinking with Introverted Intuition.

And obviously, no personality is too good nor too bad. The best group has the best mixture of every kind of personalities, up to 16 of them. My point is that, ENTJs are one of the few leaders type, normally they take the lead. well, it's hard i must say.

These few days have been a relaxing one, because mostly are group assignments, and seems there is nothing to rush while i have only 1 personal assignment due date after holiday. BUT these group assignments are worrying me. You just know you have to take the lead when no one takes (even the leader) when the duedate is so close, and other groups are so excited about it.

Yes i am LAZY. I did not have any other choices, but to get contacts and starting to inform group for first meeting. And seems that obviously no one comes, and some due to raya needs to go back on Tuesday instead of me Friday -.-.. and i scared when people point as me as a leader (if there is) cause my concept everyone is a leader in my group, and if not, i will impact them to be one.

Some 8 things which i have learnt about Group Assignments in Uni:
1) Group assignments don't exist. Sometimes it's better off to leave the assignment to 2 people to finish it up and then the next assignment throw it to the other half team.
2) Accomplishing the project isn't a headache, but gathering people up for first meeting is the breaking point.
3) Try your best to be diversity when it comes to multiple group projects, you will realise how much you learn dealing with different people with different projects.
4) Namecards often help me when it comes to know new people in new projects =)
5) You die if you wanna be a solo driver to finish it up everything thinking you have done a good job, you tend to give people a very bad impression actually.
6) Virtual Conversation at the early stage is crucial, to build up the impression and enthusiasm on how the group is moving on. SMS, Facebook, etc.. Encouragement and happy smiles are important!
7) And back to the basic rule, don't afraid of doing different compared to other teams and afraid that you are doing wrong. Stay Original la! Just do not ever refer to other group, except resources.
8) Get Database asap. Whether it's a long or Short term, you will need to record who you work with before, it will definitely help you to form your desire team to give your best strike for the next crucial project you could think of.

I'm off to a busy day tomorrow =)
owh yea Google Calender definitely help my planning much!
Add me if you have one,
and let's see who is the BusyHero x) haha!