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Friday, September 4, 2009

Giving out my Love.

Hi World!
sometimes i am just wondering if i decided to really give up my studies and all just to go for the music industry, even though without a certification in guitar skill but just experience of self compose musics and hearplay guitar technique..

Weekend is here again! Such at a fast phase.. half sem has overed, hasn't seem to study anything yet, and with so many seniors quoted that it is all right to remain empty minded until 2 weeks before exam =P I guess most of us (HBP) students are just busying with assignments and outer activities instead our course syllabus, we do listen in class obviously, stuff is interesting.. but no memorizing. haha.

I need to pump up my life..

I always remind myself uni life is precious, a life phase that we really need to pump up ourselves to do more stuffs instead of playing around... well* I had my dota game with some roommates for a night ago* Stuff is still awesome for now.. still manage to balance the 3 activities i am joining along my course..

Thank God for another smooth successful happy week!
Monday is holiday! shall await for challenges ahead this coming week =)
and owh yea monday shall be a photoshoot day!

p/s I will be back for Raya. miss you people..!
p/s/s and owh yes i give up on you =)