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Monday, September 7, 2009

From House, To Matric Room, To USM Room!

Owh yes if you remember my super long time ago post about my IKEA fully furnished room and then my matric room, then now is my USM room! finally pictures!

This is the Lift Lobby! Basically staying in Tekun Hostel, one block of hostel could accomodate up to 1k people. 4 lifts in total to support the 10 floors hostel. me on the 5th floor =)
It is a split level foor. what you see here is the middle of 5th and 6th floor corridor.

ANd my room! Left mine and right my roomie's.

My workstation, which is always messy. I love my IKEA lamp =) Really helps me a lot for it's rotation and angle capability.
Prayer and verses, my daily motivation corner.

Penang Map! To know where to head to and explore in the next trip.
My display pin board, half of it goes to @USM, and my monthly planners at the bottom right.
The other side of my corner..


My super lotz of pairs of shoes but seem doesn't meet my standard or running performance..

Food Corner! Just incase you are searching a place to survive if Tsunami hits Penang for as long as one week, here is the place!

Why? =)
Signing off with love!
These few days have been a little weird, just feels like a merryGoround,
Nothing interesting going on =/