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Friday, September 18, 2009

1 week of readjustment!

All right am back to KL safely! Owh how i miss Aeroline bus!
yeap, so here comes the 1 week holiday break, filled up with Build Con assignment, gotta really try my best to find sponsors for USM open Relay and manage my team well.. and then out again with friends and updating with them!

and then most importantly, i promise myself to readjust my sleeping hour (usually i sleep around 3 to 4 in the morning), yes due to assignment and to socialize with my floormates? and also to prepare to be busy as the 4th quarter is coming, and yea to rethink the suitable theme for myself for the next quarter to improve myself.

Few of the Highlights soon!
1) Am planning to go for Singapore Archiecture Fest http://www.archifest.sg/ Hopefully can do a documentation and grab some skills and come back present to school students..
2) USM open relay! I am really praying for sponsors!
3) PKA Family camp end of november! so far everything in the OC is doing fine.. Guess who is the photographer?
4) AIESEC USM starting 2 new projects? while helping the formation of new LC in UTP?
5) GreenLung project, am in publicity and launching campaign department..
6) and hopefully i can just survive through this last quarter.
7) ANd yes remember to STUDY.

p/s For the first time, i felt my life is quite well organized, that doesn't mean good or bad* Google Calender, desktop to do list for each sector, excel life contacts database.. life is really at the fast phase now. with those stuffs.