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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where did I get my Inspiration?

It has been quite a number of time people ask me where i got the motivation and inspiration to be a busy bee or really defining life into details.
I guess i could just say that, I found the space of mine.

I have always loved wide fields, to see the horizon slowly faded away, to listen to the whispers of the wind, to let the sunlight cheering me up.

I must admit that i really love business in life as i find happiness in it. But obviously everyone has their personal space, whether it is virtual or reality. This Blog is my virtual one of course.
But the reality one, These are the examples of it.

The place where i rethink, relearn, reevaluate, revive and to remember, and also to redefine what is life about.

A place where i free my thoughts and letting the serenity slow me down.
A place to get inspiration and to put them into lyrics and lastly into song.
A place to see how wonder God's Creations are.

Really a lovely sight with the 3 in 1 sight from my faculty. Hill, Land, Sea.

But somehow, it is also a place where i, learn about how wonderful again, God's mighty plan for me.

Everyone has their source of Motivation.. so what's yours?

signing off. Loves.

p/s credits to my roommate Lee Wei Pin and my Nikon D5000.
p/p/s PICASA 3 is really really user friendly. and another astonishing google product!