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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is the Cutest thing on Earth?

Hi world! Needless to ask.
yea brought him back from Malacca College 4 months ago... and guess how big size! thought of bringing him to USM penang but neh.. teman mom back home better. or else he will be one of the luckiest hamster to travel north south highway that far in his life! x)
Kinda pity him for having such a small home with his obese size..
so bought him the ball.. and he manage to crash the first ball into 2 parts and almost escaped..
so this is his second Ball... ok i don't know the right term for it.

but anyways! freedom!
Roll, roll, roll...
roll roll roll roll..
the whole house is accesible for him, of course not rolling out from the house radius, owh well except the toilets. and i don't wanna imagine him drowning.. =/