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Monday, August 17, 2009

Resetting Resolutions

guess who is the one i miss the most?
and the one that surprises me with the hyperactiveness when the door opens.

owh man really obese already my hammie.
So kasihan la trap in this small transparent cube, not cage*
4 months old still no mate to play with x)

anyways! yes i have been in penang for one month+ and then now back here 1 week.
Guess i need to reset my resolutions and reevaluate my impression i have shown so far and set new goals as i am equip with the environment already.

Stuff is awesome. USM is awesome. PEnang is awesome. Nice food nice scenery and nice girls =P I could really feel the huge gap when i came back to KL, truly an island transportation system is more convenient. and also the living cost there, needless to say.

Just a few set of pictures for past week happenings.

Sister's 23rd Bday!

HBP 4B assignment, to record, documenting and evaluate the historical buildings in Georgetown. The theme of designing behind it. Group of 5 of us went the morning before i came back to KL.
I could tell you how fun is HBP, our faculty, where assignments are issued online and basically everyone must have at least 2 blogs/webs for assignments purpose.


and just so incase you wanna know what assignments for my studio this sem

Thanks again Swimming porridge as our tourguide and your lovely mom for transportation. will definitely run up to GT next time again for photography. awesome!

Next up! another assignment.
The Obelisk.
also group of 5 project. it's our first 3 digit spending assignment.
Will compete and see which obelisk among the 30 groups to be the most stable and durable after displayed one week outside, and the winner will be displayed in PenangTimesquare during merdeka countdown.

people choose bamboo... pvc pipes... mounting boards. our team is TITANS, and the tag of Moulding Marvels, so we decided to get wirenets, that we could mould them in some ways, more durable in some ways. Wood we get it from construction site. some groups spend up to 300 bucks though.

6 days left in KL, gonna fully utilize it. am trying to adapt to this quote by richard branson.
"Living life to the fullest, is about knowing your productiveness behind your time, so divide your time into 10 minutes, then you see what is in the making."

Take care peepz!