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Monday, August 3, 2009

I know the Best Recipe for the Best Neslo!!!

Heh world!
all right crack the title, it is just a title saying how often neslo has been my burning oil at night.
But yea i always love adding oats into them! =P
All right just a random photo!

yea i just came back from Batu Ferringi!! With my faculty seniors and juniors bonding. Pictures will be uploaded into FB.. for the very first time i took 1k+ pictures for a 2 days trip. and then spent almost a night to filter resize watermark through the pictures. But disappointed with the poor lighting, the beach is awesome, but no sunlight =/ Ended up with 300+ photos only...

On the other hand!
Yes i am burning out, so fun.
Staying up to 3 every night is a norm already.
Athletes training on mon wed friday...
and then now involve in PKA family camp committee..
and then officially as an USM AIESECer in the PM department,
and gotta attend GT and department meetings..
and then never ending assignments.
so far this week every night has meetings on schedule edi.
Owh man this is so fun!

p/s My lecturer actually encourage us to find bf/gf for first year, cause he added on there is no chance for us in the future study years cause HBP students will go over workaholic for anything else. =/
Neslo satu cawan lagi! =P

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