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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Assignments rule my life =/

Heh world!
Just some random update about the current asssignment right now =P
The current headache assignment is called the Obelisk -.-
owh man and the first project we really spend big bucks on.
But certainly something fun and technical to try out =P

The materials alone cause more than 100 bucks already.
..and then good thing that our hostel has lotz of free space for construction works.

BUt yea good thing we manage to find some unwanted plywoods and thick woods at the construction site nearby..
Still have one week countdown to exbition. The structure will be left outdoor for almost one month for durability test, there will be 30 things all together, all from my faculty first years, and then whochever has the best performance, will be exhibited in the Penang Merdeka celebration.

And then there is another assignment.. some sort like creating your lamp, but more focusing on the lamp design.. i plan to put words on it, carve them out.. Accretion Subtraction concept!

p/s Owh yea so i am the cameraman for PKA family camp 2009* Awesome!

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