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Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you proud to be Malaysian?

Hi World!

Yes as you expected, just came back from LLDS @ USM! owh well will post particular posts about it and Merdeka Countdown (hosted by HBP USM) after this ya. Finally a day for me to take a break.

Independence Day!

I was figuring my raya break could spend sometime exploring in Penang, but seems like since the upcoming CF camp and MYLDS are after my 1st sem, which i only manage to get back KL around 10December instead of 22 november, I guess i will be going back for raya then. Mom misses me ma i know =)

I kinda agree with my coursemates that my course is rather relaxing, while we make it till we look so busy with our never ending assignments =P wait till 2nd semester then i shall prepare for the nightmare! and that will be FUN =)

And talking about Malaysia Wish. All right! I LOVE YOU MSIA. That says it all. If there is one thing to pray for, that will be 1malaysia. Whether it may sound lame to you, i am being optimistic with it, and i know it is happening. Thank God for this awesome place to be, thank God for the people i see in this nation, thank God for the freedom we have in here right now, thank God for the recent Revolution, Thank GOd for everything!

P/s will post about LLDS and Merdeka later!