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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AIESEC USM LLDS 2009 is here!

yea just a short post up in this 3am.. am having my super early + expensive breakfast -.-'
Just a sudden hunger la, ended up with 7bucks malay rice.Anyways! So yea the first step as an @er begins. LLDS is here, surprisingly faster than i expected though. The interesting thing is that, I am going Bayu Emas again! The place where my faculty Juniors and Seniors apartment stay was held. Love the beach there =P

So yea another busy weekend shall start. After LLDS need to rush to Penang Timesquare to host some Merdeka countdown event, it is part of my HBP assignment. and such a blessing that my coach told me that USM open Relay event is postponed till January. STILL NEED YOUR HELP IF YOU KNOW ANY SPORTS SPONSORS OUTHERE! I must admit that 2 months is not enough for sponsorship search.. and this is the first time we are having it so we are gonna make it at a big scale, like penang bridge marathon we hope. So.. 5 months to countdown. Awesome!

I think i just experienced one of the most leisured night ever in USM. With no assignments, meetings, and also roommate, and the lovely heavy rain beating up the rythm, i guess sometimes i really need to get a rest =)

Shall put some really high expectations =)

see you awesome people there!
Lotz of photos awaiting the next time i come back eh =)