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Monday, August 24, 2009

AIESEC IC Global Village 2009

Just some random pictures for AIESEC International Congress's Global Village.
Truly a blessing to be there, just a thing that i felt regret is that in the 4 hour i did not really take initiative to know more international people and exchanging contacts with them.

600 delegates, more than 100 countries, in 1 place with 1 vision, and it is in Malaysia this time, how could i have missed it? =) All about experiencing different culture. Travel the world in just 1 hour!

Owh well it was my thought to do Student Exchange my first year break. It's because i want to do it before i am entering my real part of education as Architect, because 2nd and 3rd year i have industry training already.


All right, this week has truly another busy one for me... So far running 3 projects one shot..
  1. just now just came back from Athletes meeting and am given the job as the Head for my publicity and sponsorship department, and the worst thing you could think of is that , the USM Open Relay event is 1 month+ away. its on the October 10...
  2. This weekend AIESEC USM LLDS is coming up!! can't wait! Tina told us to look forward as she invited some legends to come back to share about PM =P
  3. And sunday itself i guess i am involved in the PM for Merdeka Countdown in PenangTimesQuare.. it is part of my faculty assignment..
  4. PKA family camp.. which is happening after my bday in november...
And yea, i am just a person who feels the excitement and happiness when stress comes in. Thank God. All right btw, exam tomorrow! hahha! na small quiz only...
Nights people!