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Friday, August 21, 2009

After 1 month+ in USM..

Heh world!
p/s a super super old photo..

Anyways! yea it has been one + awesome month in USM Penang. Praise God for His mighty plans and things that really broaden out my thoughts as how He sent me to Malacca for Matrics.. Nice Food nice scenery nice environment to explore..


1. Half sem has passed by so i guess i have a rough time frame of what's happening so time to get a weekly schedule. with remarks all*
2. Need to get more productive.. yea adjustment to the environment.. at least 1st month has provided me the experience of travelling around penang island and knowing USM quite well. so yea time to put stuff into routine, and put every day into motivation.
3. In terms of social network.. looks like i am pretty set with it, PKA church athletes AIESEC.. so time to really know some important people or senior...
4. This half sem just means a harder time as we have more mega assignments coming up i guess.. even though we haven't enter architecture, i am expecting myself to be more optimistic minded as i am expecting double stress coming in.
5. So it is the second semester, would want to join different people in different on going assignments to experience diversity so that i could really know who to partner with in the second year crazy Architecture years.
6. actually all in all, just live life happily and productively, and "with His Strength, I shall mount up my wings like Eagles, I will Run and not be Weary, I shall Walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31
7. and along with my theme Appreciation. yea always see the good side of people.

Hope this half sem will be an awesome one! could see more exciting assignments coming in!