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Sunday, July 12, 2009

USM AIESEC Recruitment Drive 09"

Hello World! =P
For the first time, my weekend does not seem to be one..

BOOOooo to my faculty Orientation. So called BIG BANG as the heading.
yes i am trying to be optimistic, but my faculty orientation has definitely spoiled my mood. So claim "attendance will be taken"! In my impression is that the malay seniors of my faculty are doing the orientation for extra just to get good impression and points from the dean -.- and it is the LOUSY management skills that totally pissed off all the juniors.

But I am all excited for the Bungalow stay which is organized by my faculty chinese seniors. Yea just all chinese only. I will rather go to Queensbay shopping than this lame current orientation.

And moreover,
I think I'm more excited for this.

Don't know why though, just got the lovely feeling to finally meet the bunch of @ers =)
and my kai jie!

Yea Jessie said @ is one of the earliest to set up their booth =P
Wow nicky is MIA... hahhaa. Food poisoning huh? Sorry to hear that bro!

I know my current position is totally off balance. gah!
Time management I mean.
Yes many seniors did tell me it is very rare Architecture students to join @.
And i know @ does not really help me in my studies in terms of go exchange programme..
But I just don't know why, perhaps I just love the way of being an @er =)
The environment they deal with?
*hehe my sister will be laughing if she reads this cause she was the one to intro @ to me =P

On the other brighter Note,
The first 100 days are not as easy as other PM had faced before,
followed by the Economy down fall and Election fall,
NAJIB has certainly proved himself capable enough. Thumbs up!

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