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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The smell of study! =)

Heh world! =)
I could smell it, the call to study -.-
owh well first of all, reallly, a big thanks to Lesley.
Did not know someone whom i know online such shortly could be so kind =)
For this awesome thick notes. which really inspired me to start putting my fingers on.
Now I am figuring out my method to study pulak...
whether to bring laptop to lecture and summarize the notes on the spot and print it out..
or the tradisional method collecting powerpoint source...
or handwritten... or don't study at all =P

anyways i really promise myself to dig out time since I would want to join so many things i guess.
and yes finally i deleted all my lappie games.. L4D, Dota,CS, Halo... but online MSN chatting and Blog are definitely a must for me because they keep me social updated.

So what are the syllabus?
I think this year's syllabus is gonna be fun. Was flipping through the notes, and happy to see what have expected to be my interest.
  1. Integrated Studio- this is one carries the most marks i guess, designing. and the one that cause us sleepless nights. A total of 10 assignments for this sem. creating www.geneharnhbp.blogspot.com is the first assignment =P
  2. Environmental Science 1- talks about how designs and concepts adapt to environment?
  3. Built Environment and Human Settlement- A little history here and there..
  4. Principles of Construction Economics- So far the only think which i saw involves math, statistics. perhaps talks about how economy affects construction?
  5. Building Construction 1- This is fun! how many types of brick.. windows.. ceilings.. blablabla.. and different functions. bio alike -.-
So yea this is so exciting!!! I miss my busy life =P time to face it once again. see what is my capacity this time.

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  1. hi, usm student eh? same2 here. but eng campus. ;)
    good luck in the new sem!

    p/s:just bloghopping.