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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Science&Math in BM again?

Heh world! =)
I somehow noticed my D5000 recording quality is not that bad too =P
Shall start recording some super old-suppose to record stuffs...

I was reading Tony Pua's EducationMalaysia Blog, and yea based on yesterday's horrifying headlines on the paper, Science&English are back into BM again.

"Tony Pua hopes that schools in urban areas where the students, teachers and parents are keen to retain English as the medium for Maths and Science will be given a choice to opt out of the switch back to BM/BC, especially in secondary schools."

My point of view is that, the government has no choice to deal with, they need to reverse it back or not the education gap between the students in rural and urban areas will increase horrifyingly. It might totally sound like an unacceptable thing for us in the city having english classes.. but

Rural areas can't help it, especially with teachers who can't even string a sentence together in English."

But the education ministry made their promise to bring english subject to a higher grade, owh well they define it with their ways with the increasing of manforce as many as 14000 teachers into english language education. BUT what realy frustrates me is that, it TOOK 6 YEARS for this change to occur. The government could have avoided all this and successfully implemented the idea of teaching in english to be successful but they did not. They rushed through the policy when it was plainly not ready. And so, now back to Malay. And i am glad because this should be done earlier.

In a sum, there are just TOO many policies and plans running in the education ministry. Just too many new things in one time, malaysia needs time to adjust to a plan first before shifting ahead! and Rakyat like us we definitely knows what is the best for our country instead of this government! =)

That was my 2 cents.

All right for now, yea i was doing my namecards again. Infact i was writing an article about networking and contacts management for CLC Campus Life Connection in USM. So is it really weird for me to have my personal namecard even though i'm not a businessman? =/

Think again.

one of the common things occurs in university is that contacts just flow in and out too fast, we really need to kick out somebody and use your namecards to grab precious contact in certain limited time. And i realise it is by the people i know today that i could get what i want.
It actually just cost me 2 bucks to print 64 of these cards, and it is hard paper by the way, compared to 18bucks for 150/200 cards printing, i think i save quite a sum =P

and on the brighter note..

"Tahniah anda telah terpilih untuk menjadi ahli kelab olahraga USM. Dengan ini,anda berpeluang mewakili USM ke MASUM, terbuka2negeri dan SUKMA, SUA, serta aktiviti2 kelab, mlm p'hargaan serta faedahnya

All right, marathon training for tues wed fri evening. Busy right? so should i accept? =/

p/s OWh man time management time management!!!

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