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Friday, July 3, 2009

A Quantum Leap

Heh World!

The new batch of USM students in main campus is having this 2 days nurturing and learning seminar in DTSP. So I kind of brought my lappie to type my thoughts along with the various topics which are to be discussed.

A QUANTUM LEAP. Presentation by Dr. Mohd Zuri GHani.

A quantum leap can be defined as self transformation. self transformations means changes of attitude, The way of thinking and the values. In other words, it is a shift from one dimension to another, from one way of thinking to divergent thinking, making us as a better person. As a university student we should be prepared to transform ourselves to cope with the challenges that will emerge in the university. We should shift our paradigm from an ordinary student to an extra ordinary one. We should redefine ourselves as a person who always tries to be successful .

People do not change along with age but along with the way they think.

As I started to listen the seminar, I was not focusing on his speech because it’s shallow I guess, but I was thinking more about how my past high school life was a memorable transformation for me. Part of it is because my quantum leap was during form 4 I guess, but then a more splendid one during my matriculation college.
Things have been more detailed in the way I see them, time travelled slower and these thoughts kind of impacted me to motivate other people in my life too, in indirect ways.

The presentation is more about preparing students for the university life but i was thinking more about how a person initiated the process of Quantum Leap. Changes is not easy, It does not happen naturally but there is a spark to everything. One of the greatest motivation for me to under go my second quantum leap is the break out with my ex girlfriend. Weird it might sound but it made me realize that many things I am needed to be changed.

And I must admit that Guys turn into Men in a relationship progress. =P

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