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Monday, July 27, 2009


Heh world!
Phew* finally got time to update.

These pics were taken last friday. Went to PKA!
Persaudaraan Kristian Agape USM.

It's a quite a refreshing thought to know the going ons in PKA i guess...
Heard that this year they are having their first ever Mission Trip.
And then Glad to hear that they have cellgroups weekly meeting too.
But in other words, my monday and friday nights have CG, sat night has SNL (church session).
Wow even my athlete coach label me so HOLY =P

Ar.. so making me want to involve into the Worship ministry!
some people ask me why being so kangho wanna join PKA since i have other stuffs.
But most of my seniors in PKA also attend in EPCC.
so in a way.. i guess... you will hear so much about PKA soon too
so just join lor!

PKA's VIP day! this friday!
Junior ma! we have the power muahhaha!
haaha quite a number from my new church EPCC.
I love the size of PKA actually..
was actually expecting 100+.
But guess the size is just ngam ngam for an effective bond.

and meet Florence aka Ah ma, and Gary the Ipoh King of Lame -.- shakes head*

p/s will upload AIESEC USM random pics soon!

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