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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nike Air 2009'

All right first of all, forgive me, i do not know the precise branding name for my new shoe but it is one of the Nike AIr range. It was launched around April this year.

I desperately needed a shoe. but ex Nike Air is totally putting my training behind, not because it has a crocodile opening at the front grip.but the bottom sole has scratched off to the max. Imaigine running with your bottom foot 1MM gap with the terrain surface. Hurts!!! No Impact Absorption.
There you go. Sweet. With a 300 bucks burning in my pocket.
And if you have not notice, my past 3 pairs of shos have been in WHITE colour.
Everyone says it is easy to get dirty. I know. But i have the passion to wash it =P because white is just so my thing!!! so if you wanna get anything for me? get white!!! hahaa.

As you could see, i was trying out my D5000, mind dropping some evaluations or tips? better lighting or background i guess?

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