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Monday, July 6, 2009

Just 1 week!

Heh world! =P
phew* after hours of struggling with USMhotspot, I finally get a stable wifi to blog =)
Weekend has been awesome, truly awesome.
nope i did not travel with a bunch of people or whatsoever.
Because most people either went back to hometown or went to attend the lame seminar in DTSP. All right, forgive me, I thought that the time would be better off to explore Penang =)

And definitely, walking to queensbay unexpectedly is a super silly thing.
I was actually searching for SgNibong Bus Terminal, but somehow manage to travel to Queensbay by foot in the end. But I did not really checkout the place, main objective is to check the bus ticket price.. and then hoop a 303rapid penang bus back to USM. I must admit the service is better than Rapid KL.

And guess what? I thought this bus could bring me up to the north to the town. So simply me just went to Perangin mall and Komtar that area. well let's just say it is an unplanned solo trip.
3 more years to explore! woohoo!

And then back to HBP Housing Building Planning faculty. which is my school la...
This is the coolest thing I am not expecting to happen.
They kinda compulsory every student to have an own webpage. Every single student in the school, like around 180 of them.


so yea that is my link, as my new blog, for academic purpose.
We are to review what we have learnt for the lessons and write our thoughts about it and all..
and just i realise that this school is very internet dependent. even submission of assignments must be checked online. awesome!

On the Brighter note! This has been something I have been waited for =)
And the marathon is on my Birthday!! and the first day of Holiday!
Sorry mom my birthday will be in Penang I guess!
But yea pocket drilling again, 40 bucks for 21Km run. I'm on for sure!
Training starts yo!

and more to blog about this later on =)
Quote Florence "haha If you think we are the crazy bunch of people, you have not seen the whole bunch of complete USM students in this house "
EPCC rocks totally =)
but i still do miss DUMC la duh =)

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